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Cleansing Aloe Powder

Cleansing Aloe Powder ( Aloe barbadensis or A. vera. Aloaceae)

Found wild in dry, sandy and rocky regions, aloes are also much cultivated. The leaves grow in wands and are tall, fleshy and spike-toothed to protect them from grazing animals.

The Indians call them "Wand of Heaven" because of their wonderful medicinal powers.

Legend says that it is the only plant which came direct from the Garden of Eden.

The juice is pressed from the leaves, sun-dried, and used as a powerful laxative and blood cleanser.

Use-internal: Treatment of constipation, intestinal worms, indigestion, lack of appetite.

Use-external: To cure wounds, sores, ulcers in the mouth and to allay heat rash or poison ivy rash. Apply the fresh, cool gummy juice direct fro the fresh leaves, first shaving off the spiked borders and then cutting the leaves crosswise to release the juice. A famed mastitis cure.


Dose: It is the powdered juice which is most used in medicine. Two to four grains ( about one pinch), take in a half cupful of warm milk, sweeten with molasses or honey.


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