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Mint “Wonderful Herb for Stomach and Digestive Tract”

Mentha viridis, M. spicata and M.rotundifolia. Labiatae                          

Found in moist places, also among rocks. Widely cultivated in gardens for culinary use. Leaves are narrow, rough, very fragrant, possessing the peculiar mint scent and flavor. Flowers are thin spikes of pale mauve, and are also highly scented with mint odor. A wild water mint grows along ditch sides.

Use, internal:

Mint soothes as well as excites, quells stomach pains and gas, and has an altogether beneficial effect on the stomach and digestive tract. Will restore failing appetite and allay rheumatic pains. It was once esteemed as a cure for frigidity in both sexes, and even today is used as a tonic for bulls and stallions when their sexual powers are waning, The Arabs drink mint tea frequently , to ensure virility, also as a social drink, because Moslems are not wine drinkers. The only negative quality of this excellent herb is that it is apt to diminish milk secretion and therefore should not be taken by nursing mothers. To treat suppression of urine, also suppressed menstruation. To quell vomiting and general nausea. To cure disorders of the digestive system, including acid stomach, flatulence, gastritis, diarrhea, dysentery. To treat infertility and lack of sexual desire.

Use, externally:

As a rub for rheumatism, arthritis and stiff joints. As a headache remedy, use tea internally and a cold pack applied to the forehead externally.

A stronger Mint Treatment for Headache:

Steep slices for raw potato in cold, strong brew of mint, and apply the potato slices to the head, placing a cloth wrung out in the water over them to keep them in place. Change the potato slices at intervals.

Mint Vinegar Lotion-an excellent headache remedy:

Crush mint leaves; heat gently for a few minutes. Then steep in apple cider vinegar overnight. Use cold. Steep cotton cloth in this lotion and lay it across the forehead. Renew frequently. Dose: To be eaten in salads, a few sprigs daily. Or make a strong sweetened tea with honey. Take a cupful after meals.

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