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Passionflower “A Powerful Sedative”

Passiflora incarnate. Passifloracea                                                         

Named by the Spaniards, as in this beautiful flower they saw the passion of Christ, the flower symbolizes his crucifixion. The flower is said to have risen from the ground at the foot of the cross on which Christ was crucified. There the tears of Mary, mother of Christ, watered the ground, and this flower was born, its head of white and purple being wonderfully symbolic of the crucifixion. The filaments of the corona depict the thongs of the whip which flogged the Christ, the circle-shaped corona is the thorny crown, the carpels are the three nails, the pointed leaves are the spears which wounded Christ. This is indeed a passionate plant of great power. It is a strong high climber, and apt to dominate other plants. Indeed it almost reaches to the heavens. Both fruits and the flower are used fresh or dried.

Use, internal:

The flowers are powerfully sedative, a proven soother for headaches, and one of the very best quellers of children’s rages, given as a tea several times daily, and especially as night time beverage, sweetened with honey. The fruits are appreciated as a strengthener, and as a general, very useful, tonic. They are good tasting and very strengthening.

Use, external:

Juice pressed from passion fruits is soothing for sore, inflamed and aching eyes.


The fruits, as a tonic, as much as desired. The flowers, as a sedative, a teaspoon brewed in a cup of warm water, squeeze well to extract all its properties.

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