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Amorphous Gardens returned to the MS Farmers market October 22, 2011.  The gardens have started producing cold weather crops and an interesting one is the kiwano melon.  This fruit can have an amazing shelf life of 6 months when stored in constant temperature.  Its flavors range from kiwi notes to just ripening banana depending on how ripe the fruit is.  The best ways to eat the fruit is to slice in quarters and eat like and orange or to slice in half and scoop seeds out with spoon.  You consume everything but the peel.  It is perfect for cold and flu season because it has 4x the amount of vitamin C than an orange.   Talk about an easy and tasty way to build the immune system.  Additional crops we have started to bring to market are multiple varieties of radishes: French breakfast, cherry bell, purple plum, Chinese green meat (yes these are all radishes!!), green onions, lemon grass, sweet peppers, array of herbs, and fall decretive items.  Also this fall we will regularly bring the highly sought after black walnut.  This nut is a challenge to crack but once accomplished the intensely rich flavor and wonderful nutritional value is well worth the energy.  We will continue to be present at the market hopefully through December.  We still have broccoli, lettuce, more varieties of radishes, and additional cold weather crops to come in the next few weeks so we would love to see you there. 



Special Thanks

This being our first weekend out of market we just wanted to take the time to say a few words of thanks.  Jonathan and I have had a wonderful first growing season with all of you.  It has been a great experience bringing our produce and flowers to the Mississippi Farmers Market.  We started this season with no expectations other than to enjoy what we always have enjoyed doing: gardening.  And thanks to the wonderful support of the farmer’s market patrons, our dreams have been fulfilled. 

We will be on about a one month hiatus from the market.  When we return, we will be bringing a fall harvest that will include radish, beets, lettuces, broccoli, cabbage… to name a few.  We look forward to seeing our regulars as well as meeting some new people.  If you have any questions or thoughts in our time away, please feel free to call or email us.  Again thank you for your support and see you soon.

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