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We're almost there

Wow!!  It's been a year trying to get back to where we were before the move!!!  Ran in to some minor problems, but there is light!!  We have about 1500 starts of vegetable and herbs in the greenhouse.  We are trying a few new plants this year... Wonder egg, vine peach, high mountain cranberry...   Exciting... can't wait!  We smoked about 40 turkeys this thanksgiving and shared them and sold a few. (we will include one with every full share this year) The emus are all settled in and are providing about 50 eggs a month...  We plan on keeping 150 chicks and selling about 50  this year.  We have 200 more chicks arriving tomorrow and will try to butcher about 500 a month.  Will update more soon...  Look for our farm day coming this June!
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