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What I found at Market this weekend 7/2/11

This weekend in Conroe though it was 100+ degrees it was worth the visit. A new surprise awaited us in the form of Fredricksburg Peaches. Signs were out to help direct us to Market and straight to the Peach stand. And yes a $5 dollar bucket was enough to satisfy my cravings. I also bought a bucket of  Onions and a variety of Tomatoes from Peas Farm Produce stand for $3 dollars.Fill the bucket was the way to go this weekend.

I found 1)Yellow Pear 2)Tiny Cherry  Tomatoes, 3) Baby Plum.

Diced a half pound of mix Tomatoes.

Added 1/4 diced White Onion

1 diced Fredricksburg Peach

2 Tblsp. store bought inexpensive Balsamic vinegar

Took this Salsa with me to a 4th of July celebration with my church family. And we enjoyed it on hot dogs.

1 bun


bury the dog in the salsa

And enjoy.

The salsa will find many uses over the next few days.

Baked Potatoes & Green Beans from Peas Farm await there fate.

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