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The Tex Mex Challenge

Yesterday I spoke with an acquatance and I was challenged to create a Tex Mex Taco. Never really new what Tex Mex meant . I learned their is California Tex Mex and Tex Mex. So I needed to refine my search and stick to information that has its origins in Texas. I believe I have done that. Currently I experimenting with a recipe that includes Adobo sauce , Chipolte peppers, Corn , Black Beans, Cilantro and meat { Chicken-Beef-Sausage} I went to 2 grocery stores on my way home from work searching for the Guajillo Pepper and came up empty handed . The{ Gway-Hee-yoh } pepper will be used to create an authentic Adobo sauce. I  will entice the gal that sent me on a wild goose chase to bring me a pepper so I can see it and then maybe I can find it . I think they may change the name in American grocery stores , not using the same name you would use in an Hispanic market place. Tonight I cheated and bought Chipotle peppers in Adobo sauce.I will enlist Peas Farm to help me find the elusive Guajillo pepper and I will buy them at SamMarket on a future Saturday in downtown Conroe.  I plan on making all the Tex Mex ingredients from scratch using the freshest ingredients. I have made and tasted my first attempt, Finding it both spicy and fruity. But until I share my experimenting with my friend I will not know if I am creating what he is looking for. I also decided to tone down the heat by adding my SamM salsa that you would have read about in previous Blogs. {Tomato , Onion, Balsamic vinegar etc..} It is challenges like this constantly inspire me. I will create the finest Tex Mex Taco in Houston-Conroe Texas.
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