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Oil and Zucchini do not mix

Tonight I created a catastrophe. Without first  first breading my julienne Zucchini strips I went straight to the hot oil with 2 C. The oil soaked into the flesh of the vegetable after I added tomato juice and vinegar. I incorporated blanched fresh green beans and parmesean cheese, but over all the flavor combination gave me a stomach ache.If  I come up with a better way to enjoy these ingredients I will share on a future blog otherwise I will soon 86 this vegetable combination .

As a side note my presentation of Tex Mex Chicken Taco met with rave reviews this morning. I used a 1)fresh tortilla made with tomato juice and peppers 2) warmed Cumin chicken tossed in Adobo sauce 3) fresh Black Beans 4) cut corn 5) basic SamM Salsa topped of with a sprig of Cilantro. It took a week of searching to find the ingredients, From Peas Farm I am waiting for fresh Guajillo peppers to improve  the flavor profile. Watch for a future update.

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