Conroe Saturday AM market

  (Conroe, Texas)
Exciting ways to use Produce

Let me introduce Chef Michael Fleshner

Today at Conroe's Farmer Market I started to share my oil / zucchini catastrophe with Elvis from Peas Farm. Chef Michael Fleshner another vendor at the market overheard our discussion. So he offered his insight to my plight over  the oil Zucchini catastrophe. Had I used a small amount of oil and made it smoking hot before adding the vegetables I would not have had the stomach ache issue. Elvis added bringing the oil to 400 F, the Zucchini would have sealed when incorporated into the pan. Chef Michael and I talked shop. We discussed my Zucchini / Blueberry cake and bread. I told him about my SamM salsa {Tomato-onion-Balsamic vinegar} and ideas started pouring from his Culinary mind. Chef Michael saw that I had Tomatoes , Guajillo peppers, and Honeydew melons, so here is what he suggested for this week. Dice the tomatoes and melon and mix in the Balsamic vinegar. Leave out the onion. Dice part of a Guajillo pepper and add a little at a time, . And use your SamM Salsa to season food this week in place of salt/sodium. I am excited about trying this. I have already made the SamM salsa and I will try this new flavor enhancer on the wife. And Chef Michael and I are going to try to hook up one night this week and make my Adobo sauce. We will roast and dry the fresh Guajillo peppers and then make something TexMex.Cooking for my beloved is such a great adventure.
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