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Sweet Honey Wheat Calzone

As I headed for home tonight I called the wife and asked her if she wanted Quiche or Calzone for dinner. She said," Quiche is eaten for breakfast" My response was, " Thank-you; then calzone it is"  Upon arriving home I set the oven to 450 F. And I began to gather the ingredients :

2 Cups wheat flour

1 Cup self rising flour

tsp. sea salt

1 cup warm, 120 F, water

1/3 cup honey

1 pkg. Yeast { Where did I put the yeast,Blasted it's only been a week , WHERE DID I PUT IT?}

Well I decided to try making the Calzone Dough with no yeast and hope the self rising flour will do the trick. After the 30 min. and 10 min punch and rest times for the dough I had a product that looked better than it did a week ago. VICTORY !!

For the filling I had:

1 Large diced Zucchini

1 Large diced Tomato

1/4 Large diced Honeydew melon

1/4 cup Balsamic vinegar

4 oz. quarter sliced Polish sausage

2 oz. diced chicken tenders

Small Fresh mozzarella balls

1/4 tsp Oregano

And enough Shredded mozzarella was added to make 4 cups of filling

I made 2-12in. circles of Honey Wheat dough on a floured surface and placed 2 cups of filling on half of each circle before folding into a half moon shape and crimping the edges. The Calzones  were placed in the 450 F degree oven and baked until the wife yelled downstairs, "What's Burning" . I responded with," nothin but cheese" Out of the oven they came even though 2 min. was left on the oven timer. I ate half of my 12 inch Calzone. The wife ate 1/4 of her baked dough and all of her filling. I have succeeded in making her a calzone that she likes. There was enough cheese in it this time. Yea!

Refer to the previous blog from last week to see a photo of how it looked tonight.

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