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Exciting ways to use Produce
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Dinner and Breakfast with Hearty Vegetables

Being away this past weekend I did not buy any new produce. So I have decided to use hearty vegetables from my fridge crisper. For Dinner last night I sauteed sliced Zucchini, added a can of spaghetti and sauce. And finished it off with baked Chicken tenders marinated in Greek dressing.

For Breakfast after watching an episode of Diners, Drive-in and Dives I took yellow Washington Apples cored and diced, heated it in water with corn syrup. And added instant oatmeal,  finished with Cinnamon. 

Both meals were exciting for me because I was scavenging through the kitchen looking for meal ideas. The pantry was bear from my time away so I needed to create from what I could still find on the shelves or in the fridge crisper. Mission accomplished with canned goods and hearty vegetables. 

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