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We have a new computer. Blogging will continue.

I just received word from a brother that has been helping us try to resolve our Internet issue. He will give us a internet ready machine. Praise God! Our internet troubles started when we took our computer to our son a few weeks back. He tore into the guts of our PC and rebuilt it. Selling us on the fact that he installed a better video card, gave us more Ram, The wife and I are computer tech dummies. So we did not know that when he traded out our motherboard that he gave us back a non working internet computer. Well my brother who travels the World for his company installing systems and writing programs came over to the house diagnose. And called today to say. 'I have an extra computer. Let's replace your son's gift with a computer that has a working Ethernet'    When I pick up the wife this afternoon we will head to his house and accept his gift. From our new computer I will send the results of the Baby Dill  vs  Sliced infused salsa pickle.

And just for the record, I made an omelot that had Bacon, corn, SamM Salsa , Baby spinach , shredded carrots, and plastic swiss cheese. Served it over 2 pieces of wheat toast in a bowl. Splitting it with the wife while she was waking up this morning.

 Group Hug "We have a internet ready computer"

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