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Store bought Baby dills WON Hands Down

I waited to share the results because I had to show my salsa infused sliced Pickles to Chef Michael and Elvis at Market today.                   Here's what I told them:

1) When I opened the jar on Friday the pickle juice was bubbling.

2) I threw away the Fresh Spices that were on top saving the Garlic     cloves.

3) When I pulled out the 1/8 inch thick slices the cucumber flesh disintegrated and I was holding on to the skin only.

4) I was not able to detect a foul smell. It was my first attempt at trying to create pickles.

5) I lied; I tasted one and was not sure if I was tasting something unique.

Elvis had half a smile as he explained, "Because of the bubbling effect a bacteria had been somehow been introduced to my final product." It was time to say goodbye to my Salsa / Pickle experiment.                          What could the cause had been?

1) I may not have used a sterile canning jar.

2) I skimped on the vinegar because I added salsa when I was making them.

3) The acidity from the tomatoes in the salsa, suggested Chef Michael, May have had a factor in encouraging bacteria growth.

I have decide to give the thin slice pickle experiment one last shot. Elvis suggested I re-sterilize the lid and Mason jar. Before I add in my thin sliced cukes I should shock them in an ice bath.This will retain their crunchiness. Chef Michael added,"And leave out the Tomatoes until after the 5 day curing process." It will be later this week before I try again. I will share the results, good or bad, in a few weeks.

Also, This weeks find at Market were Fresh Green Beans and several different varities of Tomatoes for the SamM salsa. I am still wanting to play with making Fresh mozzarella. The thermometer that reads 88 F and 102 F has to still be purchased.  



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