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The wife and I were Secret Shoppers at a local Cafe

The Woodlands La Madeleine  Visit

On Wednesday Aug. 31, 2011 the wife and I visited The

Woodlands La Madeleine Cafe between 7:30 and 8:15 pm. It

was a pleasant visit. My wife knowing that we were Secret

Shopping chose to be the difficult customer to see how

the staff would handle it.

Allow me to start from my first impressions. As we

approached the Cafe I noticed retail food jars neatly

displayed in the window. And the Cafe had WiFi. Upon

entering we were greeted by a friendly fella in a red

shirt and fancy French hat. We explained it was our first

visit and needed someone to walk us through the ordering

process.( that was not totally honest b'cause our

daughter had previously been employed at La Madeleine's

and we had visited her in the past as guests) Our red

shirted greeter explained the Rosemary Rotisserie Chicken

Dinner to my wife. My wife settled in on the mid range

price item but thought she was getting a side of

vegetable also. The youngest of the servers told her "Our

greeter doesn't know how the pricing works, I will not be

giving you Broccoli" After we paid and sat down my wife

returned to the cashier and fussed that she was given two

different stories at the door about how to order her

food. And the orange haired lady offered a dish of

Broccoli that my wife readily accepted.I found the Men's

restroom acceptable clean and organized. The wife comment

on the Women's restroom was. " Did you see dirty pipes

under the sink ? We had dirty pipes."

Now that we have the difficult customer handled let me

share my observations. I chose the Savory Sampler, I had

Spinach Pochette with a Caeser salad, Tomato basil soup

and I added a $1.79 cent version of Tiramisu. Upon going

to the self serve bar I chose Lemon ice water Several

pieces of 7 Grain bread, Honey and Berry Jam. Balancing

all of this on my tray I headed for the the dining room

that would allow me to observe the staff while we

visited. I started to lose my balance as I stepped from a

tile floor to a wooden floor. I caught myself and and

dinner was saved. I did agree with my wife that her 1/2

chicken was a little dry, yet at the same time my wife

prefers her food cooked med well. My wife and I enjoyed

each others company. Made plans to see a movie after

dinner and reminisced over past meals we had enjoyed

while visiting as guests when our daughter was employed

at La Madeleine's.

Other observations I made had to do with staff

attentiveness to the 20 customers that were in the cafe

while we visited. Mr. redshirt and gal with orange hair

visited continuously clearing tables and making sure our

needs and those of the other guests were being taken care

of. Servers behind the line would visit and when the

older of the two servers(dark hair) noticed a customer

they would both react to take care of customers needs.

Cook/chef in kitchen was the only  employee in a

different hat (baseball cap). And the only comment to

make about the cooking area were the clutter of loose

life binders in the back corner on the top shelf.

Otherwise the area appeared to be organized. The serving

line also was well maintained. I would find it rewarding

to be part of this establishment. Especially as it

pertains to Fresh baked 7Grain bread every day and the

dining room staff attentiveness.




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