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Roasted Pork Loin on the PIt with Farm Fresh veggies

Tonight Chef Michael and I did a cater for the Conroe Art League. We had Roasted Pork Loin done overnight on the Pit by John Porter resident artist at Thomas Kinkade Gallery on Main street. Using Oak for the smoke. We served it as room temp. sandwiches on OROWEAT Sandwich Thins.Our attendees to the event squirted on our homemade BBQ sauce. And had the option of adding Fresh sliced Spanish Onions or sliced Dill pickle chips. The compliments were flying all around the Owen Theater and Pocket Park in downtown Conroe tonight. 

When I returned home from the event that is when the wife and I ate. Her version of the sandwich was OROWEAT, two slices of pan fried Pork, BBQ sauce and Hellmann's mayo. With dill pickle chips on the side. I used OROWEAT with Guacamole spread on it. Sauteed Onion and two slices of Pork. I then added 1/4 cup Apple soda to the pan and reduced the liquid before pouring it on my Sandwich thin. I used my current SamM salsa as a side condiment. I ate 2 sandwiches and had to rest before writing this blog tonight. Bringing home leftover from catering jobs and re-inventing them adds excitement to my life.



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