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Slow Food USA $5 dollar Challenge

Chef Michael Fleshner sent an E-Mail to me today about an Event happening at Conroe's Farmer's Market; Called the $5 Dollar Challenge. The idea is, We are to take back the fast food industry's perception that they are the only places to go to feed a person for $5 dollars. Find an event in your zip code where they are holding the $ 5 dollar challenge on Saturday Sept. 17, 2011. This is supposed to be advertised nationally on TV programs like 'Good Morning America'. According to Chef Michael the event in the 77301 area will happen at Conroe's Saturday am Market 8am - 1pm.

His idea for making the event work in our area is to have folks visit and purchase a container of Fresh Vegetables for $3-$4 dollars. Go to your local Grocery store and pick up a roast for $8 dollars. The Roast will feed 4-8 family members. Grocery stores in our area drastically reduce their prices around 2pm on Saturdays because they do not want to count  this product in their Sunday night inventories. $8 dollars for Roast plus $4 dollars for roasting veggies plus 4$ dollars for misc. items to complete the meal is $ 16 dollars. Divide $16 dollars by 4 family members and you come in at under $5 dollars per family member.

Chef Michael saw a blog I posted earlier this week about slow roasting a Beef roast for the wife and he was right I spent less than $10 dollars for the wife and I. It took me 5 hours to slow roast that wonderful meal. Tonight I am slowly re-heating the Stuff green peppers. I imagine tonight's meal that I started yesterday and am slowly bringing up to temperature will also qualify.

I have proudly met the challenge. I encourage all of my readers to do the same. And comment about how you achieved it. Google: Slow food USA $5 dollar Challenge if you desire more info.Or try the link below


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