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Hell's Kitchen Finale and my inspiration

Hell's Kitchen finale set the precedence over what I created tonight for dinner. I knew earlier today I would be using breaded sliced Fresh Eggplant. I began breakfast by experimenting with peeling, slicing and marinating the Fresh eggplant in Dill pickle brine. Three hours later I was placing sliced Eggplant in Ranch dressing and breading it with Herbed bread, Fresh Thyme and Parmesan cheese ground in the food processor. I then took the breaded Eggplant and fried it in hot Canola oil. The base for tonight's dinner had been discovered.

When it was time for dinner I placed the 9x9 casserole pan with oil in a 375 F oven for 20 min. I pulled out the hot pan and placed breaded Fresh Eggplant on the bottom. I then layered Ground meat, Tomato sauce, Pasta and White cheese. Topped it all with Parmesan Cheese before baking for 30 more minutes.

The wife said she would eat this dinner again only if I did not offer her another Pasta choice.I was creating what was in my mind. Something that I believed in; Like Paul in tonight's finale. When Gordon Ramsey told Paul he did not feel Paul's menu lived up to being good enough for BLT in New York, Paul regrouped and made it a winner. Sometimes a Chef needs to rely on past experiences marrying flavors he knows should work. And not being afraid to keep trying. I have one more eggplant and I will make a winner before the week is out.

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