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Guacamole, Guajillo and Pasta Tailgate Party

Today's meals were on the go. I returned home to The N. Texas vs Alabama football game re-broadcast from last Saturday. I had it recorded so I needed Tailgate food for this evening.

I brought home a large 4 pound loaf of Sourdough. Sliced off the end and started dipping it in the current samM salsa.If you remember the current recipe for the salsa you now know why I drowned the Tomatoes and Peppers in so much vinegar. I added three times the normal Rice vinegar Balsamic style in anticipation of this meal. I also was bad and went with the wife's favorite appetizer Pizza Rolls combination flavor. My entree for tonight had Macaroni pasta. Green peas, Fresh Guajillo peppers, Tomato sauce, 5-cheese blend, SamM salsa and Fresh Avocado.

It was a re-heat from a pasta dish a few nights ago. But I also changed the flavor profile by adding chilli and beans. And this time the wife loved it. Her only comment was "This is the pasta dish you added dill pickle brine to." I admitted yes, then found she enjoyed it much better tonight. With the added chilli it was not as sour. I always wait until she figures out that I am trying to re-sell a former meal to her. Done it for 20 years; will do it for the next 20 years.

The wife and I know the young man that sits in the broadcast booth and assists with the games re-play action. I could not get the game on Saturday in our current sports package so I had to tape a midweek replay. Spent time on the phone with the young man and he talked me through his part in the broadcast. All about the game tonight.



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