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Mandolin Manny makes for a delightful visit to Market

Today's market was filled with the sounds of Manny Lewis on the Mandolin.The sounds permeated from the Fine Furniture vendor booth. I have always enjoyed my trips through Jeff's booth admiring his Wall clocks and Weather stations.He told me today he uses Mesquite from South Texas. "They have larger trees in southern Texas as opposed to West Texas" Jeff explained. The item I miss the most at his booth was a bowl finely crafted out of a tree burrow. He sold it and now he must search for the next near perfect piece.

Which brings me to the near perfect sandwich I created when I arrived home from market. On Wednesday I picked up a 3# loaf of hearty bread. I thinly sliced two pieces for a perfect end to a summer lunch. To the bread I applied Fresh Guacamole and then added refried beans. Fresh sliced garden Tomatoes were next. Plus, just picked Watercress was used in place of any lettuce. The wife added Thick bologna to her sandwich and I finished off the Spam. We both truly enjoyed my creations. Because we both picked our own lunch meat.

It wasn't until two days ago that I realized the refried beans and the Hearty bread were a great match. I did add the current SamM salsa to the beans as a flavor enhancer. I am convinced this helped to sell me on the bread and bean spread combination.

Mandolin Manny I hope I am honored to hear you play on another 80 F day at Conroe Market


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