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It is all about Market Fresh Green Beans

Caught in crazy 5 pm traffic. I do not usually like to wander home at this time. Today went like clockwork. I locked the doors at work and started  my trek home. I was OK until I was within three miles of the house on the Interstate. I exited onto the feeder road early because of a traffic slow down on the Interstate and I sat on the feeder road with all the others who thought the feeder road would be quicker tonight. It was not, because Exxon's new World Headquarters construction traffic was also exiting onto the feeder road one mile ahead.

Frustrated about my wrong choices while traveling home I offered The Wife a choice of Pasta dishes from the fridge. She made her choice and I said," How about Fresh Green Beans from last Saturday's Market". She accepted and I was off and running, I mean prepping. I cut off the ends, washed the beans, threw away the bad, cut into 2 inch lengths. And dropped them into a pot of boiling water. The bottom of the pot was wide enough that I was able to add Sliced mushrooms to my side of the pot along with Tomato juice. And I sprinkled Sea salt on everything. The Wife's Pasta dish was microwaved and I carefully filled half of her bowl with the Green Beans. Being careful not to show her it had cooked with Mushrooms or in tomato juice. She polished off the Green Beans first and ate her Mac Cheese and hamburger pasta last. And you know how I roll I added my Green Beans/ Mushroom to a another item from the cupboard and topped it off with Garlic croutons. Excellent!


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