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Champaign BBQ and Boeuf à la Bourguignonne

I am ecstatic tonight that the movie "Courageous" made it to the big screen. As I followed the story lines for each individual character I felt like my life's current circumstances most closely follows the life of Javier. I too am trusting God for his direction in my next position in the work place. I may become a Field Analyst sharing the opportunities of a consulting firm to small businesses. My passion for preparing healthy home cooked meals for my wife and family will always be center stage. It helps me to unwind from stressful situations I face day to day when I take command of the kitchen.

This past weekend I played the roll of a wine server at an Art Gallery event in downtown Conroe.Artist Carolyn Pells had a show at Chef Michael Fleshner parent's Gallery. I had been to the Market earlier in the day. Experienced a market that had doubled in size since my last visit. Tasted Fresh Italian Sausage made three different ways. Spicy, with Fennel, or with crushed Fennel. I have not made up my mind what to buy yet. Next week I learned the Market will not be open due to Conroe TX. Catfish Festival.

Back to the wine serving for just a moment. When I finished my stint as wine pourer I had 2 glasses of everything poured waiting for the last minute stragglers. No takers, So Instead of dumping the Chardonay , Merlot and Champaign I found styrofoam cups and brought the drinks home to cook with. The artist family offered the leftover champaign. I mentioned I know a great Champaign Chicken recipe. I brought home half a bottle.

I had a round steak in my freezer. Thawed it out overnight and made a simple Boeuf à la Bourguignonne for dinner after the movie.The steak was diced after de-boning. Seasoned with Popcorn salt, Black pepper, Nutmeg, and Penzy's Rosemary. I added the seasoned meat to a hot saute pan. Browned the meat and added 1 inch diced Fresh White Onion. Cooked on low heat for 20 min. before adding 8 oz. Merlot mixed with Tomato sauce. I placed this in a 280 F oven for 1 hour. Placed the cooked meat in the fridge till after we came home from seeing Courageous. While baking the browned meat and onion I also baked a potato with oil,salt and rosemary on the skin. Upon arriving at home I stuffed the baked potato with the simple Boeuf à la Bourguignonne. reheated it for 30 min. and The Wife let out a ummh. on her first bite. Cooking with Champaign will be an adventure for later this week. For the moment I added it to a container of BBQ sauce in my fridge.

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