Conroe Saturday AM market

  (Conroe, Texas)
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Fresh Garlic from our favorite restaurant

Conroe's Farmer's Market was not open today because the city of Conroe closed down the town for it's annual CatFish Festival. Instead The Wife and I visited our favorite restaurant. Sweet Tomato {Soup Plantation}We enjoy this restaurant because we are in charge of the food on our plate.We pick the items from the various food bars. Salad , Soup, Pasta, Fruit, Baked goods, Desserts, and Mixology at the Beverage bar.

I normally go straight to the Soup and Baked goods bar. The Wife will fill up her first plate with a collage of Salads. There is on item we both fell head over heels for. This month they are promoting Potatoes. Potato soups, salad, and sauteed potato dishes. Plus special Butter mixes to put on Baked Potato varieties.The potato item we both had three helpings of was prepared like so. First they slowly sauteed whole Garlic until the Garlic was browned. The chef added Bacon and then boiled diced fresh Red skin Potatoes. It was mouth watering fabulous. I even added the potatoes to Boston Clam chowder to better the flavor profile.  And when The Wife was finished eating the inside of her Baked Potato I took her skin and filled it with the Fresh Red Skin,Bacon,Garlic dish.

What a great way to complete a wonderful Meal at our favorite restaurant.

The Wife did not want to eat her whole Garlic. I brought it home in a paper ramekin. I will use the whole garlic to create great meals at home this week. As long as I chop it up and she doesn't see the garlic she will be pleased with how the food tastes.

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