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Pork and Artichokes

Artichokes have been a tough sell at my house. I had to read up on how to prepare Fresh artichokes. Either I did not read and follow directions. Or the woodiness of the cooked vegetable just did not agree with The Wife and I.

Nonetheless I enjoyed the experience of trying something new. After boiling the artichokes for the recommended time and finding the leaves were tough to chew I tried pureeing them. I found the puree stringy. The artichoke hearts were tender enough. I ate them as a snack with Mayonaise and Balsamic vinegar mixture.

Last night I baked Pork chops that were covered with the puree soaked in Balsamic vinegar for flavor. The puree mixture was discarded after the cooking process due to the tough stringy pieces of artichoke. I was able to then add Fresh sliced Onions, Mushroom, and chopped fresh roasted Garlic to top off the Pork chops. The Wife also had a Large baked Potato that was rubbed with oil and Fresh minced Garlic from our restaurant visit. And I completed the meal with canned mix vegetables. Farmer's market closed this last Saturday due to CatFish Festival. Canned vegetables will be on display on our dinner plates this week.  :)  :) 



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