Conroe Saturday AM market

  (Conroe, Texas)
Exciting ways to use Produce

The Wife's first meal, That tasted so good.

I did my research, I spoke to Chef Michael Fleshner and Elvis from Peas Farm. Here's what I prepared for The Wife, It started with Chicken thighs and Chicken breast.

Actually it started with 1 gallon of water and all of the different vegetable juices from the fridge. The Chicken was diced and added first. Fresh carrots were peeled and chopped. Diced Red peppers, Garlic and sage were stirred in next. Diced Peeled potatoes, chopped Cilantro and two Tbsp. of meat first Chicken base finish it out.

The egg noodles are boiled in a separate pan with water and cooled in cold water. Egg noodles are placed in the bottom of the bowl and hot soup is poured on top. I offered no salt top Saltines to The Wife. Our first Low fiber meal together was a success. It will continue to be an exciting adventure as I learn how to help The Wife.

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