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High fiber diet for The Wife, and Tamarind

It has been careful eating for The Wife this past week. We are graduating to a high fiber diet. The Wife is trying new things daily. We need to stay away from snacks and nuts. I was never one to want these items. The Wife would indulge herself and now we understand the dangers. The food can get caught in your digestive track and cause a lot of discomfort.

Yesterday we finished the last of the homemade Chicken Noodle. Today The Wife went for a plate of under seasoned Chili and cheese along with a strawberry sno cone at the Harvest Holiday celebration at church. I may have even seen some Fritos on her plate. I would classify Fritos as a snack food. I was busy fetching Sno Cones while she was eating. My attention was on all the activity around us at the time.Three hours later she has given me an update and said even the Chocolate she had has been agreeable. She is eating like a bird right now and trying familiar items in moderation.

I also boiled Pinto beans and added sauteed diced Onions in Bacon after we arrived home.We will mix the beans in Chili or the current SamM salsa. (diced Fresh tomatoes, onions, apples, Chopped spinach, cilantro, and Rice vinegar) as we progress through the week. Large Baked potatoes are planned for a meal this week and we have Chicken breast and Pork loin. Slowly and with wisdom from our past experiences we will continue to eat healthier.

Almost forgot: Elvis from Peas Farm introduced me to Fresh Tamarind yesterday at Market. Elvis handed me a pod I was taught how to peel away the outer shell. I then broke off a section of the Fleshy pod in my hand. Elvis said," Now, suck on the section until you find the seed inside." " Spit the seed out, It should have tasted like a sour apple" What a unique experience for me at market. I put the rest of my Tamarind pod away while at market. When I arrived home I put the fleshy Tamarind pod in my salsa. I only just now remembered to go retrieve the four seeds from the salsa. The vinegar in the salsa softened the pod so I could easily remove the flesh from the seed.

Elvis told me he will shuck what is left  in his box of Tamarind after Market and boil the fleshy pods in water. Add sugar and let cool so he can retrieve the seeds and use what he has created to season salsa and jellies. Always an education at Conroe's Farmers Market.





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