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My most unique Thanksgiving

Two different Turkeys, Two different dressings, Two different versions of Deviled eggs, Three different ways to eat Pumpkin, Eight desserts, and one Bread Cornucopia.

Heavenly salad,Cranberry relish, Mash Potatoes and Gravy, Corn, Dinner rolls and my version of a Green Bean casserole {Fresh garden Green beans, Diced baking potatoes, Sauteed White onions in Bacon, Diced Roma Tomatoes. diced fresh yellow Bell peppers all seasoned with Chicken base and Black pepper} were all present in the buffet line

I was aware that originally the event included 8 family members and suddenly one afternoon this past week it grew to 21. Neither family Chef decided to back down. As a result we had a Butterball turkey and a highly seasoned special diet Turkey for folks with diabetes and Diverticulitis. The difference between the dressings was one had ground sausage and one did not. One version of Deviled Eggs had Pickle relish and Cayenne pepper added to the egg yolks. The other had only the mayo and lemon juice mixed in the egg yolk.

The Eight desserts consisted of Brownies, 3 Cheese cakes, Tiramisu,   2 Pumpkin Pies and Cookies. As we were leaving I heard it mentioned that an Apple Pie never made it to the dessert table. Two different versions of Pumpkin pies were offered, I had the one with whip cream mixed into the pie filling before it was put into the crust. And the third way to eat Pumpkin was as a dip with the fresh garden veggies and fruit pouring from the Bread cornucopia.

How does one make a Bread Cornucopia



  • 3 (11 ounce) containers refrigerated soft bread stick dough
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tablespoon water


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Lightly spray a 17x14 inch (or lager) cookie sheet with non-stick cooking spray.
  2. Tear off a 30x18 inch sheet of heavy duty aluminum foil. Fold it in half to 18x15 inch. Roll diagonally to form a hollow cone, about 18 inches long with a diameter of 5 inches at the widest end (Cornucopia opening). Fasten end with clear tape. Stuff cone with crumpled regular foil until form is rigid. Bend tail of cone up then down at end. Spray outside of cone with non-stick cooking spray. Place on cookie sheet.
  3. Beat the egg with the water to make a glaze. Open and unroll the first can of breadstick dough on work surface. Separate breadsticks. Begin by wrapping one breadstick around tip of cone. Brush end of next breadstick with Glaze and press to attach to end of first breadstick. Continue spiral-wrapping cone, slightly overlapping dough until there are 3 breadsticks left.
  4. Pinch one end of the 3 breadsticks together, then braid. Brush bread around opening of cornucopia with glaze. Gently press on braid. Brush entire cornucopia with glaze.
  5. Bake at 350 degrees F (175 degrees C) for 45 minutes or until bread is a rich brown. (If parts start to darken too much, cover them with pieces of foil.)
  6. Remove from oven and let cool completely on cookie sheet on a wire rack. Carefully remove foil when cool. (If freezing, leave foil in bread for support. Remove when thawed.)

    The garden bounty consisted of Grapes, Apples, Carrots, Celery, Broccoli, Cherry tomatoes to name a few.





Cajun Thanksgiving dinner

Visitors to Conroe's Farmers Market were treated to a Cajun Thanksgiving dinner. Local Artist John Porter was Chef de Cajun. Glad I brought The Wife this weekend. We both had two bowls.I filled my bowls up with Cornbread on the bottom. And poured the delicious dinner over the top. The Wife wanted the dinner only.

The dinner consisted of Pinto Beans, Fresh diced Tomatoes and Spanish Onions sauteed with sliced Andouille Sausage and Red pepper. I brought home some of the dinner and added white Rice and SamM salsa. And this evening added Dijon Mustard.

I have enjoyed recreating this Cajun dinner with the added rice and mustard always topping it off with the current samM salsa {diced Roma and fresh garden tomatoes,White onions, Yellow bell peppers, and Rice vinegar}

In two days it will be time for Traditional American Thanksgiving dinner. I am glad I had this Cajun version to enjoy. It will make this Holiday memorable.



Simple Chicken Rice Dinner

When it is time for a simple dinner, saute the Fresh veggies from your garden or fridge. Add the rice and protein and finish with a tasty liquid. 

This evening I brought the oil in a sauce pan to its smoking point. Added the diced Fresh carrots and White onions. When the onions and carrots were browned I added Brown rice and diced raw Chicken breast. Stirred until the Chicken was opaque .To the one part rice I added three times the Chicken stock, seasoned with Basil, Sage, Black pepper, & Rosemary. Boiled for 30 min. When the rice was cooked I added Cream of Chicken soup and let it cool on the stove top for one hour. I then refrigerated the meal in a glass bowl.

We had dinner later by microwaving what we wanted. Using a slice of toasted cheese bread as a tasty addition. Another nice addition would have been Parmesan cheese.



Champagne BBQ'd Beer Sausage with Market Fresh Vegetables

When I showed The Wife Beer sausage or Chicken breast for dinner tonight, she chose Beer sausage. We talked about the fresh veggies available. Yellow bell peppers, and White onions were chosen. The current SamM salsa was also considered. As The Wife left the kitchen it was time for me to make the decisions.

Sauteing the sliced Market fresh peppers and onions was started in a pan with Canola oil. Water and Champagne BBQ sauce was set to boiling on another burner for Tri-color curly pasta. The sausage was placed in a 350 degree oven in a casserole pan. When the vegetables and pasta were finished the vegetables were placed over the sausage and the extra sauce from the pasta pan was poured over it all and baked in the oven for 30 min.

When the sausage was finished, Pasta was placed in the bottom of a bowl. Sausage was cut into 1 inch pieces and placed on the pasta. The vegetables from the casserole pan was spooned over the sausage and SamM salsa topped it all off. And then The Wife asked for Cheese bread sliced, toasted and buttered. An excellent last minute addition.




Ever have Champagne BBQ'd Pineapple ?

As the week draws to a close my imagination ran wild as I searched to use up last Saturday's Fresh Vegetables and Fruit. I peeled the last Pineapple last night cut it up into spears and placed them in Champagne BBQ sauce. On the way home I picked up redundant pepperoni cheese pizza. I opened the fridge and said, "What shall I add".

I decided on the current SamM salsa (  diced Fresh tomato, White onion. Rice vinegar, Yellow bell pepper, and pineapple) I also added large slices of the Champagne BBQ'd pineapple. The Pizza was warm and the toppings were cold. I find that flavor profile fascinating. Various temperatures, sweet, spicy, crunchy and wet. An item like this has to be eaten immediately to experience all these sensations.

The Wife stayed with Pepperoni Cheese Pizza and bread sticks. Diet coke to drink. I would find the activity of eating too boring if I ate in this manner.

Tomorrow I will be again at Conroe's Saturday am Market looking for exciting produce to bring home that will fascinate my taste palette. The Wife's high fiber diet will have to be taken into consideration so she can continue to recover from her hospital stay.




Picture perfect Pork Loin Hawaiian Style

As the weather cools, does the call of the tropics enter your mind. Warm sunny beaches, the sound of the surf.I had this moment on my way home tonight. I purchased two Pineapples for $1 each this past Saturday and tonight is the night to feature it at the dinner table.

I began by sauteing thin slices of Pork Loin in Bacon, Fresh sliced White onion and Yellow pepper. When the onions were well caramelized I turned off the fire and covered the Pork and vegetables with the current SamM salsa. While the Salsa warmed up in the pan I sliced 3 inches off the bottom of the Pineapple. I peeled off the skin, removed the center and diced it into large chunks.

In the bottom of a bowl I started with re-heated rice pilaf. Placed pork Loin on one side of the bowl over the rice, Topped it off with the cooked vegetables and salsa and carefully placed the Pineapple on top to finish covering the rice underneath.

Picture perfect it was when I presented it to The Wife



Homemade soup, The best way to start the week

We are going to start the week with Homemade Chicken Noodle soup. I am boiling eight chicken thighs in seasoned water. 3 qts cold water, 2 Tbsp. Oregano, Tbsp of Sage, Tbsp of meat first Chicken base, and 2 tsp. of Black  pepper.

I have also added one diced White onion, one chopped carrot, and two diced Market fresh Tomatoes. After this boils for three hours I place 1 quart of stock in a 2 qt. pan and add one diced potato and 1 cup sliced carrot. In a second pan boil large Egg noodles. Add one cup to the bottom of a bowl, add one boiled Chicken thigh and cover with the Chicken soup.

The wife likes to have crackers with her soup. I prefer adding SamM salsa and cooked rice to my soup. Once you have the stock and Chicken thighs cooked there are a multitude of creative ways that you can create a satisfying meal.




Great prodouce at Market today

Today was a crisp cool morning at Conroe's Farmer's Market. And the Autumn Harvest spoke volumes as I searched Peas Farm stand for my weekly purchases. I found a variety of Tomatoes{ Early Girls, Green, Plum, & Hot house varieties} I picked up 1/4 case of mix of all the varieties. Also found Yellow peppers and Tamarind. We will have awesome salsa this week. Other Fresh fruits and vegetables that will be added to the salsa this week include Pineapple, Green onion. Fresh Carrots and Baking potatoes will also make it into The Wife's high fiber diet. 

To keep the SamM salsa in line with what The  Wife can eat. I left out the White onions and added Green Onion. High fiber SamM salsa has 7 diced Tomatoes, 1/4 cup Green onion, 1 Yellow pepper, 1/4 cup diced Pineapple, one Tamarind pod and 1 Tbsp. Balsamic style Rice vinegar. I will prepare several meals using the salsa this week. Bratwurst, Pork, Eggs, Beef Liver, Chicken thighs and breast all await their culinary demise.

Will eat great , Can't wait.





A great fridge clean-out

Still boiling the meat for The Wife.To keep her healthy I will continue to use this method of preparation. As long as I season the liquid well she will be full of compliments. As she was tonight.

The meal started with me dicing two Chicken breasts and half of a  White Onion. Boiling it in Water with Sage and Gumbo file seasonings. In a separate pot I boiled plain White rice with salt and added chopped Cilantro when it was cooling. From the fridge I extracted two cups of Creamed chicken soup that had unsalted Saltines and chopped Fresh Spinach mixed in. The latter was used as the sauce when I combined the cooked diced Chicken breast over cooked white rice.

As always, I slightly altered my dish by adding Okra and diced Fresh Tomatoes. The added Fresh Tomatoes from Conroe's farmers market this past weekend made all the difference for me. I was pleased that The Wife truly enjoyed her version of my creation this evening as well.



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