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Our Children's Christmas surprise


A Holiday filled with surprises and strong emotions. As I was going into work on Friday, I was in tears speaking to the only family member that I thought was 600 miles away. Our son had found his way back to Houston with the help of two friends.And my daughter knew his secret.  When I was tearfully sharing that we would miss him this Christmas he was in our neighborhood hiding at a high school friends house. Original plan was to surprise his mother and I at the large family Christmas Eve gathering. He came by our house one night early when we saw him after I left work Friday night.

Needless to say breakfast Christmas morning was unique as I prepared a special welcome home meal.



Scrambled eggs with Montery Cheddar cheese

Fresh sliced Kiwi and Avocado

SamM salsa:

Fresh diced Tomato,Red onion, and Baby carrots

Shredded fresh spinach

Cider vinegar

After breakfast I continued preparing the side dishes for a Honey Baked Ham meal at my parents house that grew from four guests to fourteen, as other family members changed their plans for Christmas  Day.

I prepared Corn O'Brien ( Whole kernel corn,sauteed in Bacon, Fresh diced Red onion and Bell peppers)

Scalloped potatoes in cheese sauce ( Sliced King rustic Potatoes boiled in water and sea salt) 

The grocery stores were already closed so into the pantry I went to find the ingredients for a cheese sauce,I found (Cream of Chicken soup, Nutmeg and Black pepper). I heated this up and stirred in enough shredded Monterey cheese until I had the proper sauce consistency. I mixed the potatoes and sauce together in a baking pan topped it off with more cheese and baked at 450 F for 30 min.

Fresh Spinach salad and SamM salsa ( Fresh Baby spinach, Chopped Baby carrots and SamM salsa) When I arrived at mom's house I found Mixed greens to stretch the salad. I dressed my salad with Pecan Raspberry dressing.

With these dishes ready we headed to Mom's kitchen so I could finish orchestrating the meal. Their was honey Baked Ham to warm up, dinner rolls and Cherry pie to bake. I made the family wait 16 min. past our 3 pm dinner time as I finished perfecting the meal. The compliments were flying around after dinner and I was joyous inside sitting between both my two children realizing The Wife and I had all we needed home for the Holidays.





Sausage Beans and Christmas Salsa

Christmas Parties are the happening events with the Church family. We have been to two already this month. At the first one I walked in to I had to quickly resolve a problem with the unsliced Spiral sliced Ham.Apparently when Holiday spiral sliced hams are bought through fundraising events they do not have to be sliced all the way through to the bone. I saw what was happening as guests were struggling with the ham so I offered to slice it so they could get a proper yield from it. It made me a an instant hero.

Last night we had our second party with a White Elephant {dirty Santa} gift exchange. The wife was only going to bring an assortment of Xmas cookies. I poked around in the fridge and realized we had the ingredients for a unique Christmas salsa, You may be wondering what makes it Christmas Salsa, Red and Green of course. Last nights salsa had a variety of diced Red tomatoes, minced Red onions, diced Green Kiwi, Green Onions, and Green Cilantro sprigs. Finally just by coincidence the vinegar based salad dressing was in a green packet. {Mediterranean Dressing} and Agave. This addition to the party was perfect because the main dishes were Chicken Tortilla Soup and Ground Sausage Nachos Con Carne.

Refried beans more than one Salsa, sour creams, Several varieties of Dorito and Nacho chips. It was a Mexican smorgasbord. One of the church ladies has 6 children and she is of Mexican descent. Karla makes the most food and we give her most of the leftovers to help keep her children fed.




2 kiwis, peeled and diced
1 roma tomato, diced
1/2 red onion, diced
2 green onions, sliced
1/2 Tbs fresh squeezed lemon juice
4 Tbs cilantro, chopped
1 Tbs Agave



Champagne BBQ Chicken and Sauteed Parmesan potato

 Inspiration came from the open the fridge door. I spotted the Champagne BBQ sauce from a few months ago. Tasted and confirmed it still had a wonderful fruity taste. Found oblong mis-matched potatoes in the veggie drawer and I was good to go.

 I started by preheating the oven to 350 F. Sliced the oblong Fresh Potatoes as thin as a quarter. Placed them in a pan of boiling water. Sauteed Fresh White onions and Bell peppers. Drained the water from the potatoes and added them to the browned vegetables. Tossed them around and seasoned with a seasoning packet for Enchilada soup. Then placing all this in a baking dish and topping with parmesan cheese before placing in the 350 F oven.




While the cheese browns on the sliced potato start the Chicken. Using thawed Chicken breast slice the meat into medallions. Soak in the Champagne BBQ sauce while making the saute pan smoking hot. When you are ready to be courageous toss the chicken breast medallions into to the pan. Pull back to let the flames die down before adding the next medallion of meat. flip after 2 minutes of sizzling . Sizzle for 2 more min. and deglaze the pan with 4 Tbsp. of your favorite soda. Place this chicken with the deglazed sauce from the bottom of the pan into another baking dish. Slice fresh Pineapple wedges on top of the chicken and bake in the oven for 5 minutes.

I decide on canned corn microwaved with margarine tonight as an afterthought.  I was to excited about the Chicken and Potatoes already permeating the kitchen that I did not want to prolong mealtime any longer. I was very pleased with tonight's creation. And glad I did not open the Freezer first. I may have had a combination non-nutritional TV Dinners that The Wife bought because she works half days for now and she may get hungry while I am away at work.



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