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Exciting ways to use Produce

Great digestion of food today

Last evening to family group bible study I brought a Papaya. I have been reluctant to slice into the super fruit because their are so many contradicting stories on the internet about the value of the seeds and outer peel. I was perplexed about how to treat it.

I decided I would prep the fruit and ask Karla for her advice. Here's what we talked about. She had Papaya as a youngster back home, She likes it, Her children do not. Green Papaya straight from the tree is handled differently from the ripe fruit that I prepared. The seeds need to be air dried and not oven roasted and then run through a coffee grinder to be used as a seasoning agent. The seeds will be bitter. Throw away the outer peel and do not eat. And most importantly ' If you eat it, in the morning, You will have good digestion all day '

Currently the seeds are sitting in a plastic container drying on the kitchen window sill. The peel is in the kitchen trash. And I took the Papaya chunks and mixed them into a cup of plain yogurt with diced cooked Beets and Orange sections. I will eat this for breakfast until gone. I call it Fruit of the Angels. It will not matter what else I have for breakfast each morning, I will begin to eat spoonful each morning until the novelty wears off.

Papaya Yogurt

Papaya Yogurt

Papaya, not only does it have a pretty sunshine color, but it has a sweet and pleasant taste, and good sources of antioxidant nutrients, minerals, vitamin A, C, K, and B vitamins, rich in fiber and more.

Papayas may help heart diseases, diabetics, prevent colon cancer, can help support your immune system. It is also good for your skin.

Papaya is great for you, that is why it is called “The Fruit of the Angels”

SamM Salsa is a life saver

I decided on Cheese and Bean Burritos for a Friday;before Market dinner. Burritos were made with 12 inch tortillas rolled with Re-fried beans and shredded Monterey cheddar cheese. Baked at 400 F for 30 minutes. Now the dilemma was;  What do I serve with them ? The Wife says no to rice eighty percent of the time. 

Then it hit me. I will create a quick Market fresh SamM Salsa:

1 Tomato diced 1/4 inch

A few slices of Bell peppers and Purple onions,chopped

A handful of Spinach, Chopped

Tablespoon of Balsamic vinegar

I made 8 oz. and poured it all over four Burritos that had Monterey Cheddar melted on top. Water was our drink of choice so we could rinse our taste palette and enjoy the hot Burrito and cool SamM Salsa. Green seedless Grapes were added for dessert.

Beans Beans the magical fruit. The more we eat. The more we _______.

                            Let's eat beans for every meal.

Sorry, That song is in my head.



This is Very good, Honey !

My Wife exclaimed, "This is Very good , Honey !" as she took her third bite of a fridge cleanout meal tonight. I was excited about a new catering opportunity that came to my E-mail account today. My thoughts went back to my roots when I was previously a Chef making all the decisions for my small catering company.You increase your profit margin when you go to your walk-in cooler and create a menu from leftovers.

Tonight for our dinner I did just that. All the Pork from earlier this week has been consumed. All that was left were baked diced potatoes, pureed (Fresh Basil, Fresh tomatoes, roasted Fresh Bell peppers and Fresh Purple onions), To these ingredients I also added Sliced bacon, diced Chicken, and Broccoli Cheese soup. All these ingredients found in my pantry, fridge or freezer were combined in a soup pot.

I first sauteed the Bacon, added the diced Chicken, potato mixture and stirred in the Broccoli Cheese soup. Placed crumbled wheat crackers in the bottom of the single serve bowl. Poured hot soup over the top. and garnished with Shredded Monterey Cheddar and Fresh Lemon Thyme.

And no more than three spoon fulls into the meal I received the affirmation I was hoping for. I am excited that my best friend enjoyed dinner tonight.





Pork ,Roasted vegetables and Basil

Yesterday, at 500 F I roasted Fresh tomato ends, Bell peppers and the center of Purple onions in preparation for tonight's meal. I did not know until I arrived home what the meat or protein would be. I asked My Wife "What's your pleasure, Pork, Chicken, or omelet". I forgot I made a quick Omelet before leaving for work this morning. So My Wife picked pork cutlets.

I began by pre-heating the oven to 400 F. I placed large round biscuits on a baking pan with a teaspoon of Blue Agave and shredded Colby cheese on top and began baking for fifteen minutes. 

I then took a slab of frozen Maple bacon and cross cut small pieces adding them into a pre-heated saute pan. When the fat started to render I added sliced Bell peppers and sliced Purple onions to the deliciously smelling pan. When the vegetables were cooked I finished with Balsamic vinegar and added the Pork cutlets browning on both sides.

  In a casserole dish I chopped up leftover cooked Fresh potatoes added a small amount of roasted vegetables and placed them in the oven. The remaining roasted vegetables  were added to a food processor and blended with Market Fresh Basil.

And know to finish my creation I selected another casserole pan placed some of the blended vegetables and basil on the bottom. Put the browned pork cutlets on top added the sauteed sliced vegetables and bacon. Then smothered everything with the rest of the blended vegetables. Pulled out the biscuits. Set the timer for 20 minutes and went to share my day with My Wife.

I made Pork biscuit sandwiches for myself with a side of twice baked potatoes. My Wife's plate was set up correctly with the Pork , Potatoes, and Biscuits all in their proper place. I gave My Wife too many pieces of Pork and not enough of the Sweet cheesy biscuits. After I switched out the meat for another biscuits I received a thumbs-up.

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Papaya and the seeds

Papaya has been researched this evening. 331% of the RDA for vitamin C. And countless health benefits. I saw them at a one man Market on my way home from work in a Shell gas station lot. I invited the gentleman to come visit in Conroe and speak to Chef Michael so he could bring South of the Border fruits to Conroe, We had a tough time communicating. Maybe he will visit soon; after I invite him a few more times.

I am curious also about the seeds and skin where additional nutritional value is supposedly hiding. I have read a few too many articles. They seem to contradict each other. Here is a sampling of my favorite one.


Do you eat papaya seeds?

Googling for something else, I found a mention that papaya seeds were edible. I never knew this.

Usually the taste is compared to pepper, mustard or watercress and one place compared it to horseradish or wasabi. It has the same active ingrediants as papaya seeds. I like the description that called the taste 'sparky'.

Supposedly eating the seeds with the fruit, will enhance the sweet taste of the papaya.

Like papaya, the seeds contain an enzyme that tenderizes meat, so meats marinated in papaya seeds or cooked with them will be very tender.

Those same enzymes will also breakdown proteins in mosquito bites, so rubbing a mosquito bite with papaya seeds eases the itching.

There are a lot of weird health claims to papaya seeds. In one culture they are eaten as a aprodesiac. On the other hand there are studies that say they reduce fertility. One guy said he dried the seeds and fed them to his rabbit, so ... They are used as dewormers.

Usually people use them in salad dressing

Papaya dressing:
1/2 ripe papaya
2 tablespoons fresh papaya seeds
1/2 cup nut oil
1 tablespoon of rice or white wine vinegar

Puree in a blender.

Or just blend seeds with oil and vinegar. Some recipes added mustard - dry or bottled.




NCAA Texas Female diver breaks 400

I just witnessed an amazing Division 1 NCAA Women's dive meet where a Texas A & M Aggies won the 3 meter Championships with a score that exceeded 410. NCAA men have higher degree of difficulties and only the top 2 or 3 reach the 400's. Olympians may reach 500. Congrats to Jaele Patrick and GO SE Texas. { Conroe - Bryan - College Station }

For my congratulatory snack after  sitting on the edge of my chair watching this event was a Ham, Dijon Mustard and Fresh Basil sandwich. I was watching the event because Chef Michael Fleshner's son Aaron was keeping me informed from the stands in Auburn, Alabama. Texting and carrying on with the information available on

Tomorrow after I return from Conroe's Farmer Market their will be more to watch. I am supposed to root for Aaron's heart throb Courtney from the University of South Carolina. I will search for more Fresh Herbs at Market so,oo I can make another amazing dish after watching the women dive Platform.



Smashed Potatoes and Chicken Italiano

Two dinners from this week were married for a perfect fridge clean out. Smash Potatoes and Chicken Italiano. I diced up left over Chicken breast with Parmesan Tomato slices and buried them in a bowl. I also retrieved the Smashed potatoes from the fridge and smashed them over the cubed chicken. 




After heating in the microwave with vegetable juice I tasted and adjusted the dinner to The Wife's liking. I added the current SamM salsa { Diced Yellow and Red tomatoes, Purple onions, Balsamic vinegar, Fresh basil, & Blue Agave } And sprinkled on Black pepper.

As a Chef this skill to find good eats from what's available in the fridge is critical to being successful. Saving your business $$ and putting smiles on your customers faces. I enjoy demonstrating this skill for The Wife. It gives a wonderful boost of confidence that I picked the correct career and hobby. 




Chicken Italiano and Cheese crusted Bread

Dinner was again inspired from Italian sandwiches offered at work. Chicken Parm, Pizziola, and Meatball pepperoni. I started with fresh Chicken Breast baked in Balsamic vinegar for 20 min. 350 F. Cooked Rice was heated in vegetable water from the fridge.

After 20 min; to the Chicken breast I added fresh Tomato slices with Parmesan cheese and cranked the oven up to 400 F for 15 min. When I retrieved the Chicken from the oven I added the juice from the Chicken pan to the Rice. To finish the rice I chopped up Fresh Basil from Market and also added Fresh Thyme. 

Ten minutes before the Dinner was to be served I took a half moon of Cheese crusted bread opened up the center and placed it in the oven. When I pulled the bread from the oven I opened the loaf and added margarine inside.

 The Wife enjoyed every last bite and 11:30 pm pancakes will not be necessary tonight.


Chef Michael Fleshner's Son Blogs about his dinner at BAMA

Aaron’s Lazy Saturday Alfredo Tuna Casserole Dinner


Hello readers, today since I have done absolutely nothing but play games on my tablet and lay around the house. I'm going to write a post about the dinner I created for myself out of the food that was in my pantry. As you can see by the picture it was a tuna and noodles dish and It was a delicious dish. If you don't like tuna or noodles I'm sorry you can make it with chicken(because tuna is the chicken of the sea so it's the same thing just on land, I guess). Anyways I'm going to teach you how I made this dish in a few simple steps, all you need is Pasta Roni Alfredo noodles box ( more so for the contents inside ), two cans on tuna, garlic powder, onion powder, water and butter. If you don't have any of this at your home you can buy it at Wal-Mart!! or your local grocery store ( I bought mine at Bruno's )

Now remember measuring is essential. so grab a glass ( any size will do ), a pan ( bigger the better ) and a spoon ( one you could use for your cereal in the morning).

0.Look at box.( don't read it just look at the pictures )
1.Fill up the glass to where ever you think is the correct amount and pour it into the pan.
2.Turn the stove on to the hottest it will go put the pan with the water in it on the stove and watch it( don't lose eye contact with the water in the pan continue to watch it the whole time)
3.Whilst watching the water in the pan reach for the garlic and onion powder and put both in and stir.
4.Next grab the butter and the spoon put the butter and take a random amount out of the container and stir it into the water.
5.Now that you have a wonderful smelling boiling broth pour the noodles into the water and stir.
6.Continue stirring
7.Not pour both cans of tuna ( or chicken ) into the concoction of carefully measured ingredients.
8.Now completely forget that you have Alfredo sauce right next to you and continue stirring your food until it looks edible.
9.Look to the right(....or left depending on where all the wrappers are. )
10.See the Alfredo ( curse under your breath ) grab it and put it in your food and stir once again. to yourself or give yourself a pat on the back for not burning body( because you decided to make food shirtless )
12.Turn off the stove take the pan off of the stove and place it on a cooler eye*. out the food and put some shredded cheese you find in the fridge on top of your food for a cheesy factor.

*eye on the stove.

Some Nutrition Facts.
Lots of
31 Grams Protein.
44 Grams Carbohydrates.
A&C&D&E vitamins.
*other healthy stuff.

From the picture about you will notice this meal must be served with a coke ( off brand ) and a Fruit-Roll-up ( so that you can feel like a kid when you finish eating all of your food ) to get the official recipe name of "Aaron's Lazy Saturday Alfredo Tuna(or Chicken) Casserole Dinner". Otherwise you are not allowed to use the awesome name I came up with.

Smash Potatoes Yesterdays lunch ; Todays soup

In the past couple of days I repeated the smashed Potatoes meal I learned from Elvis when he fed 6 hungry children at Market last week.Elvis had fed his Grand and Teen kids a meal using microwaved Red skin potatoes , Bacon , Shredded cheese, Tony Sachere seasoning and sour cream.

I converted the meal at my house into large diced potatoes baked in the oven. I fried up maple flavored Bacon and used Enchilada soup seasoning. This was the second time this week I created this meal. So tonight I took the left overs and added them to heated milk with more bacon added more Enchilada soup base and chopped Fresh Basil. The Wife ate her bowl  straight from the soup pot . I added Wheat crackers and more cheese to my bowl. 

We have had our third rainy Saturday market here in SE Texas since the middle of February. Soup was soo goood. When The Wife had all her tummy could handle I finished her bowl also. I purposely gave her a half gallon of soup. Before I started the soup at 4 pm her comment was," All I have eaten today is toast" Now with tummies full we can enjoy the rest of the evening.



Salmon Salad inspired by Jordan "Live Beyond Organic"

I started reading a book authored by a gentlemen who now sees his life mission as being a modern day Joseph son of Jacob and Rebecca from the beloved Bible. The title of his book is Live Beyond Organic by Jordan S. Rubin. I have read the why of his story; Surviving the symptoms of Chron's disease and how he has arrived at offering food based on Biblical principal.

My farmer market ingredients that I have available in my fridge and suggestions made from the intro to Mr. Rubin's book have inspired the following salad.

Salmon Salad

I started with Fresh Leaf lettuce and Spinach,( torn not cut with a knife) enough to fill a bowl. I then added Monterey shredded cheese, Fresh sliced Bell peppers and roasted purple Onion centers. Tossed it all in the bowl before adding diced Beets that were boiled in chicken stock. After boiling the cubed Beets I poured off the liquid for drinking after the juice cooled. I seasoned the cooked Beets with Cider Vinegar and Brown Sugar. And finally to top off the Salad creation I placed a serving of canned de-boned Salmon mixed with Southwest sauce and chopped roasted purple Onions. As a garnish I cored out a Yellow tomato filled it with Avocado and SamM Salsa.{diced tomato, purple Onion and Balsamic vinegar}

The only items that would not meet Mr. Rubin's approval would be the canned Salmon and Southwest sauce. Biblical Joseph would have Salmon caught in the wild. And Southwestern US inspired sauces would have been non-existent. The salad has been very satisfying and soon I want to learn about dairy kefir.I will start by speaking with Chef Michael Fleshner and Elvis tomorrow at Conroe's Market



SamM Salsa Poulet

Poulet The definition:
Noun1.poulet - the flesh of a chicken used for foodpoulet - the flesh of a chicken used for food.

Breast of Chicken has been marinating in Balsamic vinegar and Diet Coke for a few days waiting for the evening when The wife and I will be enjoying dinner together. At 5 pm the marinaded Poulet with SamM salsa went in a 350 F oven.

The marinade was poured in a 1 qt pot; brought to a boil and vermicelle was added. {(Vermicelli  "little worms") is a traditional type of Italian pasta round in section that is thicker than spaghetti.} When finished I added Marinara infused with Southwest sauce. And a pan of sauteed Bacon, Fresh sliced Bell peppers and Red Onions. 

In a bowl the Vermicelli & vegetables were at the bottom and then Chicken breast (poulet) out of the oven at 5:45pm and placed on top. And I finished off the meal with Parmesan Bread triangles cut from a bread round, heated in the oven with SamM salsa and Balsamic vinegar poured over the top.

We are featuring Italian cusine at work this month. This meal was created in my head as I created Italian sandwiches at work.


Potatoes, potatoes a drawer full of Potatoes

While at market I observed Chef Michael Fleshner and Elvis from Peas Farms making lunch for 6 children / grand kids. Elvis had a microwave plugged in to the city provided electricity. And the two of them were trying to out do each other with what they had available.

They had 3 varieties of Potatoes

1) Baby reds 2) Red skins and 3) Jumbo Russets

One child started with a  plain Russet. It was soon determined that what this child needed was more flavor. Margarine and Bacon crumbles were added. Most of the rest of the group wanted the works on 4 min. microwaved Baby Reds. The Works included a) Margarine, b) Shredded sharp cheddar c) Bacon crumbles d) Tony Chachere's Cajun seasoning. Out of 6 recipients there were some slight deviations.

Elvis declared his version of Red Skins Potatoes that included sour cream the Best. Now with the contest over I headed home with a great dinner idea. And The Wife and I were declared the winners. Our version:

Baked in a 400 F oven for one hour ; 1 large Russet potato and 8 Baby Reds rubbed with Canola oil. After baking; The Russet potato was split open and the Baby Reds were smashed in a bowl. Margarine was added first, then Enchilada soup seasoning was sprinkled on. Real bacon sliced from a frozen slab was pan fried and added. And finally cubes of Monterey Cheddar were placed on top and returned to the oven for 5 min. till melted. I have a bottom fridge drawer filled with several varieties of Potato. What glorious meals I will continue to share with The Wife this week.



Botano; Date night has arrived

Came home early from work in anticipation of Date nite. I asked as I bounced in the door, " Are we ready for Botanos ? " Her reply was " I have had Raisin Cinnamon toast and Coffee" I took that as a hint it was time for dinner at 3:30p this afternoon. I was excited. The adrenalin took over.

I talked about making Botano's at work. Every one had different ingredients and a different name for their version of Botanos. The similarities were as follows 1) Everyone used chips for the base 2) Meat and Beans were next, 3) topped with excessive amounts of Cheese.

Here is my version that I served with Bean n Cheese Burritos and Rice Pilaf :

I began with Regular Doritos topped with Ground Chuck mixed with SamM salsa (Fresh Red & green Tomatoes, Purple Onions, Green Bell Peppers, Balsamic vinegar, & Agave) and Chicken gravy.The next layer was sliced Fresh spinach. Next I mixed in SamM salsa with re-fried Beans. And the final layer was Fresh sliced Purple onions, Green peppers and an excessive amount of Monterey Cheddar cheese, All this baked at 400 F for 20 minutes.

As I plated up for Date nite I was thrilled with the colors on the plate. Red, Green, Yellow, Brown. Their were 2 ingredients added to my plate because The wife will not eat Jalapenos or Avocado. And dinner with The Wife for the first time this week, PRICELESS!! I have already had a second portion of Botanos. Looking forward to Conroe Farmer's Market tomorrow. 






Grilled Cheese that brought a tear to my eyes.

I am waiting for a an evening when The wife will be home long enough after work to enjoy a Botano meal with me. So tonight I have decided on Grilled Cheese. A Vegan's delight. Today at work a customer counting Weight Watcher points came in for a Veggie Patti sandwich. We could not provide them with one so they settled for a baked Chicken breast sandwich. Only 2 additional WW points.

As I thought about my dinner tonight I decided I had to go with a simple Grilled Cheese. That went Gourmet; as often happens when I create deliciousness for myself. I began with a hot skillet and 2 slices of wheat bread. 3 slices of processed cheese. After the sandwich was grilled and the cheese melted, I added marinated sweet Bell peppers, SamM Salsa { Red and Green Tomato, Red Onion, Bell peppers, Balsamic vinegar,& Agave} And topped off my creation with an over easy egg.

Engulfed the runny egg side of the sandwich. Licked my hand. Sopped up the egg yolk and salsa off the plate with the rest of the sandwich. And shed a tear as I experienced the elation of an awesome dinner.

The Wife made Friday nite, date nite for the Botano.


2012 bbq chef conroe family farm farmer's farmers fleshner fredricksburg fresh harvest local market mex michael pasta peas pickles produce roast salsa samm saturday slow tex texas texasliving vegetables veggies

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