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Grilled Cheese that brought a tear to my eyes.

I am waiting for a an evening when The wife will be home long enough after work to enjoy a Botano meal with me. So tonight I have decided on Grilled Cheese. A Vegan's delight. Today at work a customer counting Weight Watcher points came in for a Veggie Patti sandwich. We could not provide them with one so they settled for a baked Chicken breast sandwich. Only 2 additional WW points.

As I thought about my dinner tonight I decided I had to go with a simple Grilled Cheese. That went Gourmet; as often happens when I create deliciousness for myself. I began with a hot skillet and 2 slices of wheat bread. 3 slices of processed cheese. After the sandwich was grilled and the cheese melted, I added marinated sweet Bell peppers, SamM Salsa { Red and Green Tomato, Red Onion, Bell peppers, Balsamic vinegar,& Agave} And topped off my creation with an over easy egg.

Engulfed the runny egg side of the sandwich. Licked my hand. Sopped up the egg yolk and salsa off the plate with the rest of the sandwich. And shed a tear as I experienced the elation of an awesome dinner.

The Wife made Friday nite, date nite for the Botano.



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