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Another dinner and Fruit salad from Mom's Kitchen

 Dinner from Mom's cupboard was awesome tonight. I boiled Linguine in chicken stock, added diced Ham, Cream, Tillamook Sharp Cheddar cheese, and Kusa also called Mediterranean squash. When I was satisfied with the thickness of the casserole I topped it off with bread crumbs mixed with garlic, basil and sun dried tomatoes. Sprayed the topping with vegetable oil and baked in a 375F oven for 15 minutes.

Mom's Cupboard had the the bottle of Basil and Sun-dried tomatoes, Vegetable spray. And Tillamook Cheddar in the fridge door. Dinners from Mom's Kitchen have that recently discovered eighth sense Uami. Sweet Sour Bitter, ... And now the tastes you remember from your childhood and other memorable past meals. Mom still buys the same staple ingredients and I have had a week of rediscovering those from my childhood. My Wife says," Her recipes are salty but Good."

To counter act the saltiness that we are not used to, I created a Fresh fruit salad using diced Watermelon, Strawberries, Green grapes, diced Orange, and Blueberries. I also mixed in Honey and grated Parmesan cheese. We ate dinner over an hour ago and I am still sneaking a taste of the salad. 

Tomorrow with our house on the upside of repairs. My wife and I will return home and I will  be creating great meals from our kitchen again. 


60 MPH winds knocked out Stove and Computer

Thursday of last week downed trees fell on the power lines and knocked out our stove, microwave and computer motherboards. We are now reestablished at my parents house with cooking appliances and computers. We had our first home cooked meal this morning. Western omelets and Cinnamon rolls. I cannot take credit for the Cinnamon rolls, they came from Mom's freezer.

Another challenge here is figuring out where to set the dials on an electric stove top. I started heating the oil in an egg pan at the mid setting, five on a dial that goes to ten. First I tossed in Fresh minced Garlic and diced Spanish onion. When the onion was translucent I added diced Bell peppers. Quickly after the veggies were  mixed together I added diced Turkey Ham. I sautéed this until the onions started to brown and added in Eggs whipped with Basil and dried Tomato seasoning. In Mom's cupboard there are several mixed seasoning jars to play with. 

As I studied my creation I decided my Omelet was not cooking fast enough. I increased the dial setting to seven. Lifted up the omelet in the pan and sent the raw egg under the the half cooked omelet. It was time to add diced Tillamook sharp Cheddar cheese and a peeled/diced slicer tomato.. I immediately turned off the stove top and folded my one inch high omelet over. It was darker than I anticipated. A setting of seven appears to be to high for egg dishes. I have nine days to learn how to work these settings because my parents return from the Olympic Diving Trials then.

Side Note: Aaron Fleshner,  Chef Michael Fleshner's son. Is in Federal Way, Washington attempting to earn himself a spot on the 2012 Olympic diving team.Trials begin Today June 17th and end on Aaron's Birthday June 24th.


2012 U.S. Olympic Team Trials – Television Schedule for Diving






Tues., June 19

12-2 a.m. ET


Diving – Semifinals: Men’s 10-meter (live)

Wed., June 20

10 p.m.-2 a.m. ET


Diving – Semifinals: Men’s 3-meter (live);Women’s 10-meter (live);Women’s 3-meter (next day coverage)

Thurs., June 21

10 p.m.-12 a.m. ET


Diving – Synchro Finals: Women’s 3-meter;Men’s 10-meter (live)

Fri., June 22

11 p.m.-12 a.m. ET


Diving – Synchro Finals: Men’s 3-meter (live)

Sat., June 23

4-6 p.m. ET


Diving: Men’s 10-meter – Finals (live)

Sun., June 24

3-6 p.m. ET


Diving: Men’s 3-meter, Women’s 10-meter, Women’s 3-meter – Finals (live; Women’s 3-meter is next-day coverage)


A Ramen Noodle night

Tonight was a hurried dinner night. Open a package of Beef flavored Ramen Noodles and add ingredients from the fridge shelves. I decided to use Fresh steamed Kale, Roma Tomato and Cumin.

To begin I half covered the Noodles with boiling water. Turning them over and over until they were cooked. Next I added a puree of the steamed Kale, Roma tomato and Cumin. As the creation returned to a boil I added two whole eggs for poaching.

My meal had a dark green wet look to it, so I added tortilla chips and fresh grated Parmesan cheese. And Viola!! I had a magnificent tasting Ramen noodle meal.


My Wife said the Kale was Delicious

My Wife said the salad I hid the Kale in, was Delicious. Important word to recognize in the opening sentence was HID. The Kale was in the bottom of the bowl hidden under all the mixed greens. 

To prepare the Kale for the salad I placed torn pieces in a colander over boiling water for ten minutes. In the bottom of the salad bowl I placed the steamed Kale and sprinkled with Sea salt. I then swirled Honey over the Kale. Next I added a mix of Leaf ,Radicchio, Baby spinach and endive. After tossing the greens I sliced in Fresh carrots and Grape tomatoes. To dress the salad I poured on Ranch dressing and added more Honey. And finally My Wife and I spoke about having yesterday's Cheese pizza. To include this element in our dinner salad I cut 1/2 inch squares out of two pizza slices and topped the salad with the pizza.

I waited one hour for My Wife to dig in and when she said, "Honey , This was delicious" I raced over to her side to see if she left the Kale. It was no where to be found. I had succeeded in finding a way for her to enjoy Kale. Steamed it, added Sea salt and sprinkled on Honey. I have hidden new foods in her meals for many years. I will continue, especially foods that are great for her. 

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