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A Simple Dinner

I wandered in at 6pm The Wife had not eaten all day. I had to make dinner simple. She would be out the door in 45 Min. We both realized a Market fresh Baked potato was not the answer tonight.

I started the water boiling. Decided that if I took a cob of corn and sliced it into six pieces and added 1/2 stick of butter that would be a good start. I turned on the oven to 350 F and placed the hot corn in a metal bowl in the oven. I then switched my focus to making Mac n cheese with fresh diced White onions in the pan that I heated the corn in. When I was satisfied with the Mac in cheese. I microwaved the last of the Chili Mac for The Wife. To build her dinner I placed Cheeze-its on the bottom of a bowl. Then added Mac n Cheese . Next came the 1 cup of Chili and topped it all off with shredded Monterey Jack. Her side dish was three pieces of sliced corn on the cob.The Wife's dinner was done. She gobbled it down and out the door.

I spooned the Mac n Cheese into a bowl .Placed Dill pickles on the side. And ate it with buttered Italian bread that had hundreds of little crevices in it that captured the Butter. I ate one piece of corn and decided to chop up the rest of the cob and place them in her version of Chicken Sausage Gumbo for another day. Simple, simple, simple.



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