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Botano; Date night has arrived

Came home early from work in anticipation of Date nite. I asked as I bounced in the door, " Are we ready for Botanos ? " Her reply was " I have had Raisin Cinnamon toast and Coffee" I took that as a hint it was time for dinner at 3:30p this afternoon. I was excited. The adrenalin took over.

I talked about making Botano's at work. Every one had different ingredients and a different name for their version of Botanos. The similarities were as follows 1) Everyone used chips for the base 2) Meat and Beans were next, 3) topped with excessive amounts of Cheese.

Here is my version that I served with Bean n Cheese Burritos and Rice Pilaf :

I began with Regular Doritos topped with Ground Chuck mixed with SamM salsa (Fresh Red & green Tomatoes, Purple Onions, Green Bell Peppers, Balsamic vinegar, & Agave) and Chicken gravy.The next layer was sliced Fresh spinach. Next I mixed in SamM salsa with re-fried Beans. And the final layer was Fresh sliced Purple onions, Green peppers and an excessive amount of Monterey Cheddar cheese, All this baked at 400 F for 20 minutes.

As I plated up for Date nite I was thrilled with the colors on the plate. Red, Green, Yellow, Brown. Their were 2 ingredients added to my plate because The wife will not eat Jalapenos or Avocado. And dinner with The Wife for the first time this week, PRICELESS!! I have already had a second portion of Botanos. Looking forward to Conroe Farmer's Market tomorrow. 





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