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Improving the little Ceaser

On the way home tonight the wife said,"Can we please go and get a $5 dollar Little Ceaser" I agreed and off we went. Upon returning home I split the Pizza in half. Half of the Pizza stayed a Pepperoni and cheese. The other half went through a facelift. I sauteed chopped up Bacon pieces, added quartered Zucchini slices, diced green Peppers, diced Guajillos and mixed in country gravy from a chicken tender meal. I poured this over half of the pizza and melted more stringy Mozzarella on top in a 350 F oven. I offered both halves of the pizza to the wife and she chose the half that I had given the facelift to.I am ba-a-ad like that always trying to improve what sells in the mainstream fast food joints. Maybe tomorrow we will have my marinating pork tender slices. And finish the Large bake potato.

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