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Italian Sausage and Chocolate Cake

I will start with the chocolate cream frosted chocolate cake. I went to the grocery store and found a one quarter sheet cake that had flipped over. As is store policy, it is put on the discount cart at a reduced price. With luck on my side I spotted a 49 price tag for a $17 dollar cake. I passed by the customer service desk and asked if the price was right. With hands raised the service rep exclaimed, " Yeah, I guess so." When the scan gun at checkout could not read the price. I fussed; and the customer service rep approved a $0.49 price override. Who was happier with my Chocolate on Chocolate cake ? Me ? or My Wife? : }

Upon returning home I started a 350 F oven. Into the oven went a Rice pilaf topped with Parmesan cheese from Saturday that had been cooked in reserved Corn beef juice. On the stove top I started sauteing Green bell pepper and Purple onion strips, To this I added seven Italian sausage links. When both sides of the sausages were done I covered the sausage with a roasted Tomato, Green bell pepper and Purple onion mixture.

Here is how I prepared the Tomato, pepper onion mixture: A few days ago when I sliced several Onions and Peppers I saved the pepper ends and onion centers. I took these food scraps and baked them in a 550 F oven until they were black and the onions tasted sweet. After they cooled I mixed in a mayonnaise based Southwest sauce. Next I blended all of this in a food processor and placed them in mason jars until I needed a flavor enhancer.

While the Rice and Sausage baked for forty minutes I started a pan of boiling vegetable juice, from the fridge, that I added Corn on the Cob to. When the corn and juice came to a boil I turned off the heat and added margarine.

As My Wife finished her meal this evening she wanted more corn. I offered Chocolate on chocolate cake. Her eyes lit up and she said," SURE." What a wonderful end to a meal I had planned all day while at work.


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