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Omelot to finish out the week

Tomorrow Saturday July 9 should be another exciting visit to dwntwn Conroe. I am hoping that Elvis with Peas Farm will have Guajillo Peppers so I can learn to make Adobo sauce from scratch. This evening for dinner I cleared out the fridge with the weeks leftovers and made a 5 egg omelot for the wife and I. " How was dinner ? Honey. " Her answer," You did not see anything left for the dog on my plate. I finished it b'cause it was good." Into the omelot pan went 1) 4th of July  Italian Sausage, 2) Potatoes O'brien, 3) Parmesan Cheese and 4) SamM Salsa with Frederickburg Peaches 5) Cilantro for a garnish and 6) Whole grain Wheat bread, tstd. I poured the juice from the SamM salsa on the toast instead of margarine and I shed a tear as I tasted a new way to flavor my toast. If I find the Guajillo Peppers at market tomorrow next week may be filled with 10 ways to use Adobo sauce.
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