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Salmon Salad inspired by Jordan "Live Beyond Organic"

I started reading a book authored by a gentlemen who now sees his life mission as being a modern day Joseph son of Jacob and Rebecca from the beloved Bible. The title of his book is Live Beyond Organic by Jordan S. Rubin. I have read the why of his story; Surviving the symptoms of Chron's disease and how he has arrived at offering food based on Biblical principal.

My farmer market ingredients that I have available in my fridge and suggestions made from the intro to Mr. Rubin's book have inspired the following salad.

Salmon Salad

I started with Fresh Leaf lettuce and Spinach,( torn not cut with a knife) enough to fill a bowl. I then added Monterey shredded cheese, Fresh sliced Bell peppers and roasted purple Onion centers. Tossed it all in the bowl before adding diced Beets that were boiled in chicken stock. After boiling the cubed Beets I poured off the liquid for drinking after the juice cooled. I seasoned the cooked Beets with Cider Vinegar and Brown Sugar. And finally to top off the Salad creation I placed a serving of canned de-boned Salmon mixed with Southwest sauce and chopped roasted purple Onions. As a garnish I cored out a Yellow tomato filled it with Avocado and SamM Salsa.{diced tomato, purple Onion and Balsamic vinegar}

The only items that would not meet Mr. Rubin's approval would be the canned Salmon and Southwest sauce. Biblical Joseph would have Salmon caught in the wild. And Southwestern US inspired sauces would have been non-existent. The salad has been very satisfying and soon I want to learn about dairy kefir.I will start by speaking with Chef Michael Fleshner and Elvis tomorrow at Conroe's Market


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His name is actually Jordan S. Rubin. He would tell you that canned wild caught Salmon is acceptable, just make sure the fat count is on the higer end. This way you know you are getting adequate Omega-3 fatty acid. The salad looks great. I encourage you to educate yourself and keep learning. What we eat makes a huge difference in our lives. And since you are reading his book I assume someone blessed you with this great book choke full of information. If not check out Give me a call if you love what you see.

Tracey Lindsey
Certified Health Coach

Posted by Tracey Lindsey on March 13, 2012 at 05:22 PM CDT #

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