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SamM salsa and Pork with thin Mustard

This evening was the most awesome Pork meal I have created in a long while. After 45 minutes at 450 F I created a meal that brought me to tears. The wife was almost as ecstatic. 

She and I had the Green beans sauteed in Bacon and the Pork loin baked with sliced Fresh Bell peppers and Roma tomato. Plus she wanted Raman noodles for her starch. I went in a different direction with my starch. I took last night's Mac n cheese with Gaujillo peppers and placed SamM salsa on top. The current Fresh salsa has 2 Roma tomatoes, 1 Green Bell pepper and enough Rice vinegar Balsamic style to cover the vegetables marinating in the fridge.

I am excited about the perfectly baked Pork because I did not need a knife to cut it. My fork pushed right through it. One more reason why it was so mouth watering tender. I marinated it for 4 hours in dill pickle brine and thin yellow mustard. To make thin yellow mustard you wait until your fancy mustard is down to the last few squirts. Open the bottle and add in 3 times the water. Shake the bottle real hard with the cap back on and Vwah la You have mustard to help season food.

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