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Using Penzy's Spices for a fabulous Breakfast

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I visited a Penzy Spice store earlier this week in The Heights neighborhood in Houston TX. I was making valuable use of my time while waiting to interview for a job nearby. While at the store I saw many meat first soup bases. Several spice pakage combinations.California mixes , Florida mixes, Chinese mixes Etc. Unique alphebatized spices. Gift boxes. I searched around excited for an hour. I finally settled in on Rosemary. And today I used the spice  as I started to prepare a Labor day weekend menu for the family. After boiling 1 inch diced potatoes with onion, celery seed, salt and Black pepper; I placed the half cooked potatoes in a 400 F oven for 30 min. The potatoes were oiled and the Rosemary spice was liberally sprinkled on top. The potatoes will cool and on Monday Hellmans Mayonaise will be mixed in. Today though I had to verify I had a wonderful start to a Labor day potato salad.

Here's what I did. I retrieved 1/2 cup of the cooling roasted Rosemary potatoes and added them to a heated egg pan. I then whipped 2 eggs an poured them over the potatoes.Before flipping the half cooked eggs over I added Parmesan cheese. I placed a Whole Wheat hotdog bun in a bowl and placed the open face omelot on the open bun. The oil from the pan soaked into the bun. I topped off my creation with the current SamM salsa. I then waited for ten minutes so everything could cool and folded the bun so I could eat my breakfast like a sandwich. As I was finishing the last bite I made sure I wiped the bowl clean of any thing that had dropped back into the bowl. I will likely repeat this breakfast sometime before Monday.  Once I turn the potatoes into salad I will not have option of enjoying today's fabulous creation.

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