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Vinegar or Mayonnaise based Slaw, VOTE HERE

Cole Slaw can be Vinegar based or Mayonnaise based. In the fridge tonight is a vinegar based slaw that will be served tomorrow during Family group Sunday night. Whether it leaves my kitchen as is, or Mayonnaised is yet to be determined.

My Wife and I first tried the shredded Cabbage, diced baby carrots, Cider vinegar and Brown sugar version. My Wife gave me the thumbs up. I went back to the kitchen feeling Great. I could not shake the idea that maybe the mayo based Slaw would also work. I added Italian salad dressing and Hellman's Mayo. We sampled again and My Wife confirmed, " This also very good." We decided that we will wait til 4pm tomorrow night, taste, then add more ingredients for additional dressing if needed

I also believe My Wife may take a poll during morning worship service to determine if we should take a Vinegar based or Mayonnaise based Cole Slaw. The Food theme for Family group Bible study is Texas BBQ.

Let me also mention that I was introduced to Roasted Corn at the Conroe farmer's market today. After eating a Roasted Cob I vote for roasted corn at 550 F over boiled in veggie juice or water with butter. The corn comes off easier and does not stick in your teeth.


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