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Our Children's Christmas surprise


A Holiday filled with surprises and strong emotions. As I was going into work on Friday, I was in tears speaking to the only family member that I thought was 600 miles away. Our son had found his way back to Houston with the help of two friends.And my daughter knew his secret.  When I was tearfully sharing that we would miss him this Christmas he was in our neighborhood hiding at a high school friends house. Original plan was to surprise his mother and I at the large family Christmas Eve gathering. He came by our house one night early when we saw him after I left work Friday night.

Needless to say breakfast Christmas morning was unique as I prepared a special welcome home meal.



Scrambled eggs with Montery Cheddar cheese

Fresh sliced Kiwi and Avocado

SamM salsa:

Fresh diced Tomato,Red onion, and Baby carrots

Shredded fresh spinach

Cider vinegar

After breakfast I continued preparing the side dishes for a Honey Baked Ham meal at my parents house that grew from four guests to fourteen, as other family members changed their plans for Christmas  Day.

I prepared Corn O'Brien ( Whole kernel corn,sauteed in Bacon, Fresh diced Red onion and Bell peppers)

Scalloped potatoes in cheese sauce ( Sliced King rustic Potatoes boiled in water and sea salt) 

The grocery stores were already closed so into the pantry I went to find the ingredients for a cheese sauce,I found (Cream of Chicken soup, Nutmeg and Black pepper). I heated this up and stirred in enough shredded Monterey cheese until I had the proper sauce consistency. I mixed the potatoes and sauce together in a baking pan topped it off with more cheese and baked at 450 F for 30 min.

Fresh Spinach salad and SamM salsa ( Fresh Baby spinach, Chopped Baby carrots and SamM salsa) When I arrived at mom's house I found Mixed greens to stretch the salad. I dressed my salad with Pecan Raspberry dressing.

With these dishes ready we headed to Mom's kitchen so I could finish orchestrating the meal. Their was honey Baked Ham to warm up, dinner rolls and Cherry pie to bake. I made the family wait 16 min. past our 3 pm dinner time as I finished perfecting the meal. The compliments were flying around after dinner and I was joyous inside sitting between both my two children realizing The Wife and I had all we needed home for the Holidays.




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