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Super Bowl Texas style

The Wife voted for staying home and altering our Southwestern Roasted Bell Pepper Quesadillas. Sliced Seasoned Chicken breast and Guacamole were added to the Football game day fare

We started with buttered tortillas spread with Roasted bell pepper puree and Tomato / Onion puree. The sliced Chicken was tossed in dry Cheese Enchilada soup mix. We also used sliced Red Onions, Guacamole and shredded Mexican cheese to make perfect Quesadillas.

As a side we stuffed potato skins with Guacamole, Roasted Bell peppers/ Onions ,tossed in Southwestern sauce, and topped with Shredded Mexican cheese. Doritos and Corn tortillas were available for dipping in the Guacamole and Pepper puree.

I originally thought we were watching the game until the Madonna concert. We snuggled up for the concert and watched the game until the end. I thought about that today and realized The wife wanted to see all the unique commercials. And during the college season we watched every University of Alabama game because Chef Michael's son was in the replay booth operating the equipment. So we had already been in the habit of enjoying football games together.



A Celebratory Olympic meal

Tonight was a special meal; Chef Michael could not come over yesterday because his son was competing in Shanghai , China as a USA springboard diver in the 14th Fina World Championships. His son achieved 9th in the World. So in honor of his accomplishment the wife and I started with Top sirloin steak. From Peas Farm this past weekend I bought 1 pkg of whole mushrooms and tomatoes. I sauteed 1/2 red Onion , fresh Garlic and placed in the steaks. When they were flipped I added 6 quartered Mushrooms. And to finish this entree off I added the juice from my current SamM Salsa {tomato/honeydew melon/balsamic vinegar/ sweet and sour sauce}

Next Item was sauteed sliced Peas Farm Zucchini,red Onion and my SamM salsa. And then I baked it at 425 * F with Pizza / Parmasean Cheese on top for 15 min. Also in the oven for 45 min. were quartered Baking potatoes from Peas Farm rubbed with fresh Garlic. To top off this celebratory meal I diced up 1/4 of a sourdough loaf. Baked it in the oven for 20 min with butter and garlic on it. I was excited to celebrate Michael's son's accomplishment. And the wife said the potatoes and baked vegetables were fantastic. The steaks cost a total of $2.37 so it was tough. On the flipside the Peas Farm accompaniments were awesome. Go Team USA

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