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Lable the event Potluck; Pasta will prevail

 I was sent a hoax concerning a facebook charge for my account on facebook. This hoax has been circulating since 2009. Part of the report on makes mention to the fact your personal info may be hacked if you follow the steps to avoid facebook charges. Please disreguard and read the snopes report.

Read the statements. Scroll down to the origin. And stay safe.

And now a lesson for when the call for Potluck is given

 Those of us who attended Family Group tonight at the Pastor's house were told to bring a dish to pass for potluck. Every dish offered, except three,had pasta. I used the extra meat sauce from My Big Fat Greek meal. Added spaghetti noodles plus shredded colby and mozzarella cheese. Baked it for 20 min. at 350 F. finishing it with SamM salsa on top. With so many pasta dishes the parents gave their children a choice of Lasagna or spaghetti. The Lasagna won out tonight along with another Butterfly pasta dish that had cream and Pesto mixed into it.The rest of us took home 90% of what we brought. All the bread whether garlic or otherwise also was eaten.

Lesson learned. When the call for potluck is given. Bring fruit, Fruit salad or an accompaniment to pasta dishes.




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