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Labor Day wild fires and BBQ's in Central Texas

Today was a unique day coming home from our pleasant Day at the Lake. We had to re-route ourselves around 16,000 acres of Texas State Park burning near Bastrop TX. The wife and I chose a southern route via I-10 between San Antonio and Houston. As we passed mile marker 640 we were in a 15 mile stretch of highway of dense eye burning smoke. I could see the patches of black grass along the interstate and the smoke billowing from 2 Bastrop fires 60 miles to the north. Before we left Canyon Lake there were fires down by the marina at the lake. And after getting past the Bastrop fires there was another fire along the interstate. And a fire near Conroe along I-45. Even though we did not BBQ out doors this weekend for safety reasons. The wife and I smelled like we had been doing it all weekend when we arrived home this afternoon.  Now that we are at home I have picked up the necessary ingredients for SamM salsa. And I added Bell peppers and diced Peaches to the basic recipe. The wife's Roasted Rosemary potato salad was a big hit with the extended family. We added Miracal whip and Hellmann's Mayo plus hard boiled eggs to the items I spoke about earlier this week.

It is Tuesday and fires continue to devastate our area. My niece in Bastrop had to flee her apartment today. In a few days we may find out if the fires missed her complex. Last night my daughter had a wild fire about 5 miles from her apartment. The wife and I were on alert last night.With all the excitement around here I managed to make Guacamole from the Avocado I picked up at market on Saturday. After blending the ripe avocado meat in the food processor with Lemon flesh. I added my current SamM salsa { Tomato , Red onion , Balsamic vinegar, diced Peaches, mixed Bell peppers} Earlier today I purchased 2 one dollar Chicken Sandwiches at McD's. I put 2 TBsp. of Guacamole on each sandwich. The side dish was Rice pilaf and peeled Orange sections. It is two hours since dinner and I am still full.

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