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I have Okra, Yes! I have Okra

Well it is National Night Out. And I met my neighbors at one of the local Walmarts. It was not my intention to do so.The Wife kept us out shopping and we drove past the Clubhouse in our neighborhood at exactly 8pm. National Night Out ran from 6-8pm. I wonder if The wife planned our day of shopping that way? We purchased a lot of plastic buckets for organizing our lives.

I was anxious at 6 pm to return home because I had my Okra by then. And I wanted to improve on Monday nights Gumbo. The round loaf of bread was awesome with my Gumbo. Sopping up the juices as I closed my eyes enjoying every last bite. The important ingredient list for my Gumbo is Chicken-Sausage-Rice-Large diced White onions-Bell peppers-Roma tomatoes-Gumbo file-Black pepper- and OKRA. All the vegetables are fresh. And only season with meat first base in place of any salt. Hope your next bowl of Gumbo is as wildly flavorful as mine has been this week.



Is Gumbo ? Gumbo without Okra.

On the way home from my Parents tonight I asked The Wife."Would you like Gumbo" Her response, " What will you be putting in it" I tried to explain all the ingredients until I said Okra. Chicken...Sausage...Rice...saute Onion...diced Tomato...Gumbo file...Black Pepper...Okr..."No okra", she blurted out. I had to ponder that for a moment and said,"When we arrive home I will decide"

Upon Arrival to our under-demolition kitchen I scavenged through the cupboard and fridge. And here is what I came up with.

One Chicken Breast thawing out in water that I diced up, Found half a stick of Polish sausage that I sliced into 1/2 moons.Boiled this in the water while I started a hot skillet on the next burner. I added coarse chopped bacon and 3 White onions that I diced large. As I was cooking the onions till they turned translucent I found 1/2 a Fresh bell pepper, diced it large. And retrieved the cooked meat from the boiling pot into the frying pan. Now I turned my attention to the boiling water.I added 1/2 cup tomato sauce and the juice from a can of c-o-r-n. The c o r n was The Wife's substitute for Okra. Also to the boiling liquid, I added Lentil and white Rice. While the rice was cooking I was stirring and turning my attention back to the frying pan. First was the addition of Gumbo file and water. While simmering I seasoned with Nacho flavored salt, market fresh Cilantro, dry roasted Red pepper seeds. Then diced in one Fresh tomato, and forced myself to add c o r n instead of Okra. When the rice and lentil absorbed 90% of the liquid I combined the two pots. One last seasoning almost forgotten, Zaxby dipping packets.

Zaxby's is a chicken restaurant in the S.Eastern U.S. that my wife and I have frequented. Usually we bought extra dipping sauce packages so we did not run out while eating our chicken fingers.

 As long as I wasn't creating real Gumbo with Okra. I decided the Zaxby dipping sauces were worth experimenting with. The Wife had Cheez-its added to the bottom of her bowl and I made Parmesan cheese bread wedges made from a round loaf,for dipping.The Wife told me her meal was fabulous. I placed the 1/2 gallon of leftovers in the fridge knowing in my heart that I must pick-up Okra soon to add to my next bowl of real gumbo.


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