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Conroe Farmers Market unique find


Today at Market I found Early Bell peppers. In an effort to understand what early Bell peppers are I received an education. Early peppers obviously are small and picked early before they take on a spicy flavor. All of mine were reddish brown. I also picked up a few ears of corn in anticipation of a Pork spare rib meal later in the week. It was a quick visit to market today because of the 110 F weather. When I arrived home the cobbed corn was hot enough to eat so I quickly refrigerated the ears. I picked at the peppers and tasted for a flavor profile. Once I was sure I liked the flavor, I finely diced 2 peppers into my SamM salsa, also adding a few finely diced green grapes.

When it was time for dinner I made the wife a killer dinner. It started with sauteed bacon pieces to render the fat, I then added 1 inch sliced Fresh green beans. Added corn liquid from the fridge. And finished with shredded carrots. On to the protein. I started with a boring hotdog boiled in corn juice. Placed it in a Whole wheat bun and topped it off with my newly re-defined SamM salsa { Tomato, Onion, Balsamic vinegar Bell peppers( Green, yellow and Early) Green grapes} The wife also asked for a store bought Baby dill pickle to finish out her meal. At my house we serve gourmet Hotdogs. MMMmmmm.

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