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When not sure what to make . Make an Omelet

Quite the unique combination of ingredients for a special entree tonight. Let me mention that once a week on Wednesday the wife brings home a loaf of bread from a job networking program she attends. This week it was a bread bowl. I started this evenings meal with a hot oil in an egg pan. I added stirred eggs and after I saw most of the egg cooked I added last night 's snack  {Chicken tenders, Greek dressing, Adobo sauce, and Fresh Mozzarella} I flipped and tossed the ingredients in the egg pan until I had picture perfect Omelet. Placed the omelet in a bowl to one side. On the other side I added  bread pulled from the Bread bowl. To finish it off I added smokey mustard sauce from a recent restaurant doggie bag. The mustard sauce was a perfect condiment to a fabulous stringy omelet. The only other entree I would want to create with last night's snack would be a Quiche. Dijon Mustard on the pie crust and shredded Mozzarella



Greece y Tex Mex

A few nights ago I started to marinate Chicken tenders in Greek Dressing and my homemade Adobo sauce made from the fresh Guajillo peppers. This evening the tenders were ready to to turn into a fabulous snack. It has been an hour and I can still taste the marvelous flavors I created. I heated the tenders in the marinade until they were cooked.Diced the tenders into bite size pieces and tossed in marinated Fresh Mozzarella balls.

The marinated Mozz. balls

1 Quart Mini Mozz. Balls. liquid removed

Cover with Olive Oil

And add 1/4 cup dried Oregano

And finished it with crumbled Saltines


I will find a delightful way to turn this creation into an entree in the next few days. Pat and Elvis from Peas Farm have joined the Local Harvest Blog Barn. Be sure to check them out for news and events from their farm. Peas Farm Conroe

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