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What happens when I mis read ingredients; Cobbler

Todays's Farmer Market find ; FreeStone Georgia Peaches:

About the Georgia Freestone Peach Variety

The last Georgia peach variety that we grow is the Freestone Peach. Georgia Freestone peaches are great for eating fresh, freezing and perfect for peach recipes. This variety of Georgia peaches received their name from the stone or pit being easily removed.

Georgia Freestone peaches are the most common peaches found in the local supermarkets. Freestone peaches usually are larger than Clingstone peaches, firm, has a less juicy texture and are still sweet. Their skin is pale yellow with some red coloring. Freestone peaches are excellent for canning and baking.....

Now if I can only follow recipes , I would have Text book Apple Peach Cobbler. But where is the culinary adventure in that. So how did my mis read creation turn out. The wife said,"This is excellent" "Do we have to save the rest for church Family group ? " "Yes dear" Was my response , "I made another pan of it for them"

Let me explain how I almost messed up.I read the boxed Pie crust directions and thought it read 1 1/3 cup cold water for two 9 inch crusts. So I added one cup cold water and 1/3 cup maple syrup. It was my intention to sweeten up the crust with something that would compliment the cobbler. I simply did not have enough experience with pie crust to realize I only needed 1/3 cup liquid for 2 pie crusts. So I took my soupy pie crust,buttered my 2 cobbler pans and evenly divided my crusts between them. I placed my combobulation in a 350 F oven and went about the business of creating the Oatmeal topping and Peach Apple filling. The Filling was unique due to off brand diet coke that I used in place of water

{ I encouraged the wife to place Off brand soda in the shopping cart because name brand was twice as much this week} She does not like the taste of it. So now I need to find a use for 12 cans. Hidden in a cobbler filling with added brown sugar she cannot distinguish the unlikeable taste.


6 Peaches rough cut

8 Apples rough cut; mixed varieties

1 12oz can diet coke

1 cup brown sugar

1 cup flour

Mix well and place on partially baked Pie crust.But before you open the oven to check on the crusts' progress make the Oatmeal topping.


2 pkgs. of Brown sugar n Maple Oatmeal

1/2 cup Margarine

1/4 cup Milk

tsp. vanilla

and 3 more pkgs. approximately of regular oatmeal . Mix while adding  until you have a crumbly texture .Stop at 2 bags extra if you have the right texture.

Place on the topping and back into the 350 F oven for 45 min.


The wife said," We must eat it while it is hot, With Ice cream." So we ate it before supper. And an hour later we had our Market bought 2 pound baked potatoes that had been rubbed with Olive oil and Sea salt.

Only in America.

Dessert before Dinner.

On Sunday when I took the cobbler to the family group swim party we were cleaning up to leave. The wife was still socializing and I was standing around with the cobbler in my hand. One of the ladies from the group came to me and said, "Excuse me, Can I have some more". I was more than ready to oblige. 5 min. before that happened I had said to myself, 'Wouldn't that be cool if someone asked me for the rest of this cobbler before we left'.

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