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Stuffed Cabbage Casserole not Golumpki !

Now I have heard of Golumpki  because the wife is Polish. But have you ever heard of Stuffed cabbage casserole. Let me explain how this worked out. I wanted to use up what was left of my head of cabbage bought at Peas Farm this past weekend. It had been cut into in such a way that making cabbage rolls was not going to work. So I rough sliced , what was left.

In a hot frying pan I placed chopped up Bacon pieces with  2 Fresh Garlic cloves.And diced Green Peppers from Peas Farm. I then added 1/2 pound of ground beef and a shake of Sea salt. When I add ground meat to a hot frying pan I incorporate a cooking liquid from the fridge, that was from a previous meal, into the meat. Tonight I found No cooked liquid; Instead I used 6 oz of Apple soda.Now, I am cooking my concoction until the Cabbage begins to turn transparent. Into the ceramic casserole I add the hot mixture and top it off with the current SamM salsa{diced tomato, diced Honeydew melon, Balsamic vinegar} and Fresh Mozzerella Balls marinated in Olive Oil and Oregano{ an experiment in my fridge}. I baked this exciting invention at 400 F for 30 min.

The Polish reminder of my wife permeated the house when it was time to pull it out of the oven.


SamM I Am, I like green eggs and ham

SamM I Am "I like Green eggs and Ham". Until a few months a go I did not know Green eggs were real. Peas Farm showed me the reality. They bring Organic Eggs to Market every Saturday and often they are the first thing they sell out of. Here is my twist on Green eggs and Ham. Last week a neighbor was helping me locate Kiwi Strawberry drink. I shop at that grocery store that he is a supervisor at. And they have not been stocking their brand of the drink on the shelves, so I asked for his help in finding where they do. He found the Strawberry Kiwi juice in a competitors refrigerator section. I have been searching the refrigerator section at my preferred grocery stores, now, and still have not found the juice. So I am stocking Passion Fruit juice at my house in the meantime. I woke up this morning wanting a glass of Passion Fruit. I had to decide ; What will go great with it ? And when I was done creating I realized I was having Green Eggs and Ham. I started with Bacon pieces in the hot frying pan. I added leftover shredded potatoes. Poured in an egg mixture that included,meat first,Chicken base and day old bread that had been soaked in Corn Beef stock. I love cleaning out my fridge and finding unique flavors that marry well.Chef Michael Fleshner taught me that he found success during job interviews asking  his prospective employers to show him the current contents of their walk-in cooler and I will create a fabulous meal for you NOW.On with my twist for Green eggs and ham.  I stirred this egg and bacon concoction until the eggs were scrambled and cooked. I then added my current SamM salsa {Tomatoes, Green honeydew, Yellow Hungarian Peppers, Honey, Balsamic vinegar} and finished it with shredded cheese. I poured my completed entree over Flat bread in a bowl cut into quarters. It is unfortunate that I cannot show an exact picture of my creation. The wife and I have not figured out how to transfer pictures from our phone or camera to our computer. One of our techy children will have to intervene.



Omelot to finish out the week

Tomorrow Saturday July 9 should be another exciting visit to dwntwn Conroe. I am hoping that Elvis with Peas Farm will have Guajillo Peppers so I can learn to make Adobo sauce from scratch. This evening for dinner I cleared out the fridge with the weeks leftovers and made a 5 egg omelot for the wife and I. " How was dinner ? Honey. " Her answer," You did not see anything left for the dog on my plate. I finished it b'cause it was good." Into the omelot pan went 1) 4th of July  Italian Sausage, 2) Potatoes O'brien, 3) Parmesan Cheese and 4) SamM Salsa with Frederickburg Peaches 5) Cilantro for a garnish and 6) Whole grain Wheat bread, tstd. I poured the juice from the SamM salsa on the toast instead of margarine and I shed a tear as I tasted a new way to flavor my toast. If I find the Guajillo Peppers at market tomorrow next week may be filled with 10 ways to use Adobo sauce.

Using Salsa made from SamM Market ingredients on Independence Day

July 4th was unique in SW Texas this year. Fire Bans were in full effect. I did not see fireworks in our neighborhood . Only on TV from dwntwn. Houston and Boston Harbor. After having eaten hotdogs all day on Sunday . I decided Italian sausage was the food of choice for our Family Celebration. I baked the Italian Sausage at 405 F for 15 minutes. Resurrected Sunday's Salsa {Tomato ,Onion, Balsamic Vinegar & Peaches} by adding yellow Sweet Hungarian Peppers. It was the perfect way to enhance Sundays Salsa for Italian sausage. And most importantly a compliment from my Mother.
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