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Mother's Day Pot Roast and Pie in the Sky

Yard work , Detailing a VW Beetle that I am selling, and preparing Mother's Day Pot Roast. All in a Days work. Upon arriving home from church I scampered into the kitchen, set the oven temperature to 400 F. I retrieved from the fridge a pan of pot roast that had been marinating overnight in Balsamic vinegar and SamM salsa. I set the timer for 90 min. placed the roast in the oven and went outside to start on the lawn


First I want to clear up SamM salsa; I created two versions of it. They both started with Fresh diced Roma tomatoes, Fresh diced White onions, Fresh diced Yellow Bell peppers, and Balsamic vinegar. To the first bowl for My Wife I added Fresh Oregano. To a smaller bowl for myself I added a Fresh Salsa pepper. I marinated the Roast over night using My Wife's version.

The lawn took one hour. With thirty minutes of roasting time to go; I large diced Fresh Baby carrots and a large potato. Retrieved vegetable water from the fridge and boiled these root veggies till they were crunchy.The timer went off on the roast . I saved the water from the boiling pot for another day and added the vegetables to the pot roast. Over the top of the vegetables and roast I poured more Balsamic vinegar and My Wife's SamM salsa. Back into the oven it went at 350 F for forty minutes. And I went back to filling lawn bags with leaf debris. I had seven bags of debris to fill so I filled three, returned to the kitchen to pull the roast and potatoes so it could rest and filled four more lawn bags outside.

 Dinner was served soon after. My Wife praised me for it. The salsa with Balsamic vinegar gave it a restaurant flare.I was pleased My Wife was happy. Our daughter took Mom out for dinner yesterday . Our Son called from Alabama and sent his Mother a picture of the Steak and potato lunch he created for her. {Of course he ate it in BAMA} So off to sleep for a one hour nap. And then I remembered I needed to vacuum out the VW I am selling. 

Now for Pie in the Sky. A new vendor came to Conroe Market this weekend. Representing vegetables grown along side a Tilapia fish farm pond. And she brought pies from her daughter's Pie in the Sky company, Awesome pies. The water from the pond is filtered through rocks and used to fertilize the vegetable garden inside a green house. The process is referred to as Aquaponics. The Salsa peppers came from this vendor.

If you live near Houston,TX check out my 2000 New Beetle in Spring Texas on Auto Trader. Needs engine work.

Pot Roast



Italian Sausage and Chocolate Cake

I will start with the chocolate cream frosted chocolate cake. I went to the grocery store and found a one quarter sheet cake that had flipped over. As is store policy, it is put on the discount cart at a reduced price. With luck on my side I spotted a 49 price tag for a $17 dollar cake. I passed by the customer service desk and asked if the price was right. With hands raised the service rep exclaimed, " Yeah, I guess so." When the scan gun at checkout could not read the price. I fussed; and the customer service rep approved a $0.49 price override. Who was happier with my Chocolate on Chocolate cake ? Me ? or My Wife? : }

Upon returning home I started a 350 F oven. Into the oven went a Rice pilaf topped with Parmesan cheese from Saturday that had been cooked in reserved Corn beef juice. On the stove top I started sauteing Green bell pepper and Purple onion strips, To this I added seven Italian sausage links. When both sides of the sausages were done I covered the sausage with a roasted Tomato, Green bell pepper and Purple onion mixture.

Here is how I prepared the Tomato, pepper onion mixture: A few days ago when I sliced several Onions and Peppers I saved the pepper ends and onion centers. I took these food scraps and baked them in a 550 F oven until they were black and the onions tasted sweet. After they cooled I mixed in a mayonnaise based Southwest sauce. Next I blended all of this in a food processor and placed them in mason jars until I needed a flavor enhancer.

While the Rice and Sausage baked for forty minutes I started a pan of boiling vegetable juice, from the fridge, that I added Corn on the Cob to. When the corn and juice came to a boil I turned off the heat and added margarine.

As My Wife finished her meal this evening she wanted more corn. I offered Chocolate on chocolate cake. Her eyes lit up and she said," SURE." What a wonderful end to a meal I had planned all day while at work.



What I found at Market this weekend 7/2/11

This weekend in Conroe though it was 100+ degrees it was worth the visit. A new surprise awaited us in the form of Fredricksburg Peaches. Signs were out to help direct us to Market and straight to the Peach stand. And yes a $5 dollar bucket was enough to satisfy my cravings. I also bought a bucket of  Onions and a variety of Tomatoes from Peas Farm Produce stand for $3 dollars.Fill the bucket was the way to go this weekend.

I found 1)Yellow Pear 2)Tiny Cherry  Tomatoes, 3) Baby Plum.

Diced a half pound of mix Tomatoes.

Added 1/4 diced White Onion

1 diced Fredricksburg Peach

2 Tblsp. store bought inexpensive Balsamic vinegar

Took this Salsa with me to a 4th of July celebration with my church family. And we enjoyed it on hot dogs.

1 bun


bury the dog in the salsa

And enjoy.

The salsa will find many uses over the next few days.

Baked Potatoes & Green Beans from Peas Farm await there fate.

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