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Pepper Staek or Beef Stew to finish slow cooked Beef roast

As I came home from Market today I was bewildered about whether to make Pepper Steak or or Beef Stew with 16oz.of Slow roasted Beef. The wife did not care, So I decided on Pepper Steak:

16 oz. cooked Beef diced 1/2 inch

Brown in frying pan. Add

1  Fresh Bell pepper, 1 Fresh Tomato, 1/2 an Apple. Granny Smith or whatever variety is available.When the Tomato sizzles, Add

Liquid, I used veg. juice from the fridge. Add

1 Cup sugar, 1/4 cup Balsamic vinegar and Black pepper to taste.

Simmer for 5 minutes, Add more liquid if necessary to retain 1 cup for thickening into a sauce. Thicken with whitewash or cornstarch. I used white wash { 1 oz. Wheat flour and 2oz water}

This evening the wife had her meal over rice . I had mine over Raman Noodles.When I returned with my meal the wife was full of Praise.I bring her the first meal and then I return to the kitchen to jazz up my meal the way I want mine.That avoids the issue of me letting her pick and hoping she will not pick the version I really want.

We settled into an evening of Rolltide Football. We know the young man that handles the Replay in the broadcast booth.Bama beat North Texas 41 to Zipp/ Zero/ Nada.

The No. 2 Ranked Alabama Football Defeats North Texas, 41-0


As we wait for Slow Food USA event; I BBQ'd Monday's roast

Tomorrow morning Chef Michael Fleshner's Slow Food USA event kicks off at the Conroe Farmer's Market. Tonight I retrieved my slow roast of Beef from the fridge and used J.Porter's BBQ sauce from last week's cater to make an exceptional meal. It started by adding water to a small pan and adding in 1 inch diced potatoes. When the potatoes were cooked I shaved off 8oz. of Beef from my roast into the pan. Next came 3oz. of BBQ sauce and 1oz. of my current SamM salsa {Fresh diced Tomatoes, Spanish onions, Rice vinegar Balsamic style,diced Bell peppers, diced peaches and crushed Kiwi} I then placed an OROweat sandwich thin on a plate. Poured the hot mixture on the OROWeat. And topped my creation with ranch-style Guacamole.

Ranch Style Guacamole:

1        ripe Avocado, skin and pit removed

2oz.    SamM salsa, whatever the current version is

1oz      Ranch dressing

 1         Bell pepper, roasted if available

1/2       Fresh Lemon, squeezed

Place all in a small food processor { $15 dollars at Walmart} and blend till creamy. When I found this food processor at Wally World a few months ago it has turned out to be an exceptional kitchen gadget for preparing delicious sauces/ dressings for the wife and I.

Well tomorrow I will visit market in search of mouth watering fruits and veggies to create yet another Slow roasted meal. Chef Michael encourages you to check facebook's  Conroe Saturday am Market in the next few days for photos from the event.




Slow Food USA $5 dollar Challenge

Chef Michael Fleshner sent an E-Mail to me today about an Event happening at Conroe's Farmer's Market; Called the $5 Dollar Challenge. The idea is, We are to take back the fast food industry's perception that they are the only places to go to feed a person for $5 dollars. Find an event in your zip code where they are holding the $ 5 dollar challenge on Saturday Sept. 17, 2011. This is supposed to be advertised nationally on TV programs like 'Good Morning America'. According to Chef Michael the event in the 77301 area will happen at Conroe's Saturday am Market 8am - 1pm.

His idea for making the event work in our area is to have folks visit and purchase a container of Fresh Vegetables for $3-$4 dollars. Go to your local Grocery store and pick up a roast for $8 dollars. The Roast will feed 4-8 family members. Grocery stores in our area drastically reduce their prices around 2pm on Saturdays because they do not want to count  this product in their Sunday night inventories. $8 dollars for Roast plus $4 dollars for roasting veggies plus 4$ dollars for misc. items to complete the meal is $ 16 dollars. Divide $16 dollars by 4 family members and you come in at under $5 dollars per family member.

Chef Michael saw a blog I posted earlier this week about slow roasting a Beef roast for the wife and he was right I spent less than $10 dollars for the wife and I. It took me 5 hours to slow roast that wonderful meal. Tonight I am slowly re-heating the Stuff green peppers. I imagine tonight's meal that I started yesterday and am slowly bringing up to temperature will also qualify.

I have proudly met the challenge. I encourage all of my readers to do the same. And comment about how you achieved it. Google: Slow food USA $5 dollar Challenge if you desire more info.Or try the link below



Slow cooked Roast for 5 hours

I looked at the forest fire updates and noticed it still shows the fires missed my nieces apartment in Bastrop TX. by one block to the east. And the fire near Magnolia came up to the southern boundary of the property in Todd Mission TX. where they hold the Texas Renaissance Festival. The Ren Cen Fest will begin as planned on Oct.8, 2011 according to the official site

Dinner this evening was started at 1pm. 275 F for a 5 pound roast of beef. I placed fresh sliced Spanish onions. Juice from the current SamM salsa {diced Tomato. Spanish onion,Variety of Bell peppers, Star Crimson pears and 1/4 cup Rice vinegar Balsamic style} Red Bell peppers and 2 Tbsp of Rosemary from Penzy's spices, on top. At 4 pm the wife pulled it out of the oven. At 5pm I placed the roast back in the oven after dicing {one inch cubes} of the Large bake potato and tossing them in the pan juices.The oven temp. was raised to 350F.

As is often the case the wife and I ate our dinner finished two different ways. For the wife, I thinly sliced 2 pieces of m.well beef placed them in a bowl with the oven browned potatoes . Poured pan juice on everything and cut a OROWeat sandwich thin in half for her. For myself I created a sandwich with the OROWeat thins. Two slices of Beef, Blue cheese dressing , SamM salsa and on the second sandwich I sprinkled Parmesan cheese. I also had the Oven brown potatoes. For dessert we finished the hot Banana pie with Chocolate swirl Ice cream, Chocolate topping and the fruit compote from our Anniversary Dinner.



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